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August 26, 2017 - photo frame

An animal-rights classification says a print support it combined for Facebook enlivening users to “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” worked accurately as intended, even yet the support was hijacked by hunters, who put it on cinema of themselves with harvested game.

People for a Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a press recover Thursday after a story on went viral, display how hunters were regulating a frame.

“The No. 1 many renouned form support on Facebook is now PETA’s … anti-hunting support — and it’s all since of hunters who were creation fun of care and ‘trolling’ a animal-rights group, even regulating children posing with animal corpses,” a classification wrote.

PETA pronounced some-more than 250,000 Facebook members have used a frame, exposing a classification to a new audience. The classification saw a some-more than 50 percent boost in ‘likes’ on a Facebook page this week, it said.

Tracy Reiman, PETA’s executive vice-president, pronounced it was all partial of a plan.

“These trigger-happy trolls didn’t comprehend that they were assisting to widespread PETA’s summary of honour for wildlife,” she said. “Supportive messages are pouring in from people who determine that usually bullies or cowards get their kicks from gunning down a pleasing furious animal.”

The classification pronounced it is quite endangered with cinema of children with harvested game.

“Nearly each sequence torpedo and propagandize shooter initial killed animals,” PETA said.


Todd Masson can be reached during or 504.232.3054. 


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