January 23, 2017 - photo frame

Bettendorf sophomore Voyen Adamson walks off a pad after losing his 126-pound compare to Assumption comparison Sean Casey during their twin Wednesday, Jan. 11, during Bettendorf High School. Bettendorf won a twin 36-35 on criteria after a tie. we motionless to set adult lights to sketch my initial wrestling assignment of a season. Any photographer who has lonesome high propagandize sports can tell we that wrestling is always a challenge. A singular spotlight over a pad mostly means unless a wrestler is pinned on their behind and looking up, we are all though mislaid in a disaster of bad shadows. Having motionless on my lighting approach, we began to shoot, perplexing (with assuage success) to fire sparingly so as not to blind coaches, athletes and officials alike. we eventually held this frame. Now this accurate impulse happens often, someone wins, someone loses, though we did consider a light done this a bit different. Isolating a movement from a throng and other distractions highlights their physique language. It strengthens a emotion. I’ll admit, we was utterly gratified when we held this frame. we knew it was going to be my favorite for a night. But fast-forward about an hour and Bettendorf wins a twin and unexpected in terms of visible storytelling, this print is only about useless. While yes, this accurately depicts a moment, pulp it on a front of a sports territory and everybody would have suspicion Bettendorf lost. The repeated lesson: A favorite print isn’t a best photo.

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