On Game of Thrones, Some of a Players Are Getting Desperate

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After last week’s harrowing episode, we can’t censure “Blood of My Blood” for wanting—needing, even—to take a step back. The flip side is that “Blood of My Blood” is a bit of a letdown.

It’s not bad, per se, and plots do get advanced. They’re usually not modernized unequivocally far, and in some cases, they’re modernized in a approach that creates them arrange of baffling. Take, for instance, a bizarre cases of Margaery Tyrell and Arya Stark.

When we final left Margaery, she was holding her pathetic hermit Loras, meaningful he was about to break. Now she’s unexpected a loyal follower in a Church of a Seven, as Tommen discovers when a High Sparrow unequivocally unexpected allows him to see his queen. Margaery doesn’t accurately illuminate eremite fervor, yet she says all a right things. And with poor, simply led, fervent to greatfully Tommen, we know where this is going.


When Jaime leads a Tyrell army by King’s Landing to stop Margaery’s Walk of Atonement, he’s prepared to sequence a deaths of a Faith Militant, yet a High Sparrow already has him beat. He announces to a vast throng that’s collected that Margaery has atoned by branch King Tommen into a follower (as Tommen exits a Sept for limit effect. Like many holy men, a High Sparrow knows how to play a crowd). Tommen declares a sum partnership between a climax and a church, and a people go wild. If Cersei and Olenna Tyrell were disturbed about riots in a streets before, there’s no approach a King’s soldiers or a Tyrells or anybody could brave conflict them now. Even Lady Olenna has to grumpily acknowledge she’s best bested.

So what’s function here? Has Margaery truly spin a believer? This seems unlikely. You’d consider that she’s faking her faith in sequence to finally get set free, and/or equivocate her Walk of Atonement, and/or giveaway her hermit Loras? Giving a Church energy over Tommen seems short-sighted, yet we could see Margaery so unfortunate to get out from underneath their energy that she’d be peaceful to put her short-term advantage over a long-term—especially to save her brother. Except Loras is never mentioned, so we don’t know what Margaery is unequivocally doing, or why. we assume answers are entrance in destiny episodes, yet that doesn’t make it any reduction treacherous now.


But Margaery’s new-found faith creates far some-more clarity than Arya’s decision. When we final left her, Jaqen had told her to kill a good singer lady, or she’d be killed. Arya has come a prolonged approach to spin a face-changing master assassin, so you’d consider that she’d possibly 1) kill a good singer lady and start her training in earnest, or 2) she wouldn’t kill a good singer lady and it would spin out that this is a tip exam that she would have passed, and afterwards she would start her training in earnest. (It’s Game of Thrones, so #1 seems a lot some-more likely.)

Instead, Arya agonizes about a preference forever, afterwards poisons good singer lady’s wine, afterwards gets held by good singer lady who gives her an impossibly on-the-nose speak about sanctimonious to be other people, and Arya knocks a booze out of her palm during a final second and announces that meant singer lady wants her dead. The Waif, espionage on her, sees this, reports to Jaqen, and Jaqen orders Arya’s death. Arya, meanwhile, recovers her sword Needle (that she’d dim in a stone raise during a commencement of deteriorate five, we believe?) and afterwards finds a very, unequivocally dim hidey-hole to lay in as a Waif unequivocally happily hunts for her.

Um, a hell? Has Arya unequivocally unsuccessful a School of Face-Changing Assassins yet training anything other than a bit of blind-fighting? That seems unlikely, yet especially given of Chekhov’s School of Face-Changing Assassins; if we make a School of Face-Changing Assassins a vast partial of a vital character’s storyline for mixed seasons, that School of Face-Changing Assassins has to go off—or during a unequivocally least, pronounced impression needs to learn how to magically change her face. If this is truly a finish of Arya’s tour in Braavos, it will have been a fantastic rubbish of time. Again, we can’t unequivocally trust that’s true, yet final night’s partial positively presents this to be a case. It’s aggravating if zero else.

Arya seems to have done a unequivocally bad choice, yet if we wanted to climax a King of Bad Decisions, that climax would go to Samwell Tarley who brings Gilly and Li’l Sam to his family in Horn Hill where his comically awful father lives. His devise is to benefaction Gilly as his mother and Li’l Sam as his son, dump them off, and afterwards conduct to a Citadel. Sam tells Gilly that all they need to do is keep a fact that Gilly’s a Wildling a secret… that they screw adult roughly immediately during dinner. Sam’s dad, Randyll Tarly, starts heaping even some-more ridicule on Sam, and Sam’s good mom flees a cooking list given she’s so upset. This indeed works out flattering good given Randyll begrudgingly allows Gilly and Li’l Sam to stay in Horn Hill—Gilly will work in a kitchen—but Sam has to leave a subsequent morning and never lapse home. This is what Sam agrees to do.


Until he doesn’t, unexpected determining that his tiny family needs to stay together, even yet he’s already announced that a Citadel—his ultimate goal—does not concede women. That was a whole indicate of interlude by Horn Hill. And Sam doesn’t usually hide out; he also steals his family ancestral Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane, on a approach out.

I repeat: um, the hell? Not usually has Sam unexpected motionless to move Gilly to a place he sensitive us he wasn’t during all authorised to move Gilly (or during slightest couldn’t strengthen her), he’s motionless to piss off a father who hates him by hidden his precious sword? Yes, it’s technically Sam’s legacy as first-born, yet 1) there’s no approach his father usually lets this go, and 2) swords aren’t accurately Sam’s gift anyway. Sam is incurring a outrageous volume of risk—endangering Gilly and baby, we competence add—by both of these snap decisions. But a biggest poser is this: Why a ruin did a uncover even worry to stop by Horn Hill anyway? we assume it has something to do with Sam bringing Valyrian steel to a Citadel; we know it kills White Walkers, yet we assume there’s some-more to it. But if that’s a case, it’s bizarre that a uncover would need Sam to be this reticent to make this sold unfolding happen.

At slightest there’s one storyline where we got an answer instead of a slew of questions: Bran. Last night’s partial picks adult right where final week’s left off, with Meera tedious a sled containing a comatose Bran by a snow. Eventually Meera collapses and Bran wakes up, usually to announce that a White Walkers’ wights have found them. (Hodor bought them time, yet that’s all.) And this is when a puzzling rider, clad all in black arrives with a fiery chain, like some arrange of Westerosi Ghost Rider bursts on a stage and destroys all of a wights, picks adult Meera and Bran, and carries them divided to safety.

Only after does a male lift down his mask, and it’s Benjen Stark—Ned’s immature brother, member of a Night’s Watch, final seen approach behind in deteriorate one, and left blank north of a Wall prolonged since. As Benjen explains it, he was stabbed by a White Walker’s ice sword and left to die, yet a Children of a Forest saved him and prevented from branch into a wight by shoving an obsidian dagger into his heart (Benjen positively looks worse for wear.) Since afterwards he’s been assisting a Three-Eyed Raven do… whatever, and that includes display adult during a scrape of time to save Bran… who he announces is now a Three-Eyed Raven. And, as Benjen says, when a Night’s King comes, it’ll be Bran who stands opposite him.

It’s positively portentous, and male is it cold to see Benjen lapse as a Three-Eyes Raven’s tip agent, yet it also means Bran fundamentally finished a shun he began final episode. Again, after final week’s tremendous, dire “The Door,” even a lapse of Benjen can’t definitely magnitude up. Part of that is a covenant to final week’s episode, and partial of it’s given this partial is a bit confusing. we positively trust Game of Thrones to have answers, and good ones. But until we get those answers, “Blood of My Blood” looks a bit like messy writing.

Again, a approach this deteriorate has packaged in a plot, we am entirely assured they wouldn’t rubbish time on any storyline that wasn’t important, or going to be critical in retrospect. So maybe in review I’ll like “Blood of My Blood” a lot some-more than we did final night. For now, I’ll especially conclude it for giving me another week to emotionally redeem from “The Door.”

Assorted Musings:

• Shit’s about to go down during Riverrun: King Tommen dismisses Jaime from a Kingsguard and puts him in assign of a Lannister army to assistance their fan Walder Frey retake a city; Walder Frey creates an coming to insult his sons for losing a city to a Blackfish (Catelyn’s uncle Brendyn) and reveals he has Edmure Tully—the legitimate successor to Riverrun—in chains.

• Daenerys finds Drogon and gives a large Braveheart-style debate to a Dothraki. It was boring. Daenerys gives a lot of speeches, we guys.

• While Bran is warging, he gets a lot of visions of a past and benefaction (and presumably a tiny bit of a future, too, if anyone wants to check it out support by frame). The stage we many beheld was Mad King Aerys screaming to kill them all—that’s him in a print above—referring to when he systematic all of King’s Landing get doused with dragonfire, usually to be murdered by Jaime. we unequivocally wish this means we’ll be removing a full flashback/vision of that sold impulse eventually.

• It’s been so prolonged given Jaime and Cersei done out that it was uncanny to see them kissing, yet we suspicion it was also arrange of good to see they still desired any other. Then we fast remembered they’re hermit and sister and that done it most weirder.

• we desired a tiny fact of someone wanting to lead Mace Tyrell’s equine given he’s too left-handed to drive it. Oh, Mace. You are truly Westeros’ answer to Mr. Bean.

• Arya’s storyline was not helped by a fact that we had to lay by another extensive apportionment of a “Game of Thrones But With Farts” play—this time, covering Tywin’s genocide on a toilet and Joffrey’s poisoning—although Arya’s shouting during faux-Joffrey’s passing was a good touch.

• we have a speculation about Arya, actually: The Waif hunts her down, she kills a Waif, and that technically fulfills Jaqen’s direct that someone’s face gets combined to a House of Black and White. we consider this would be a copout for a integrate of reasons—most particularly it still means Arya is positively terrible during following directions, and should be kicked out of a School of Face-Changing Assassins anyways, yet also given a Waif isn’t accurately immorality here. Sure, she enjoys violence Arya up, yet it all seems to be on Jaqen’s orders. She’s not evil, usually a bit of a bully, that shouldn’t make her murder some-more “okay” than good singer lady’s. On a other hand, if this keeps Arya in a School of Face-Changing Assassins and prevents this storyline from being a sum rubbish of time, we suspect I’ll concede it.

• Meanwhile, it turns out a Faceless Men’s face-changing sorcery requires people carrying their tangible faces cut off. Good to know!

• we was taken aback by Walder Frey job a Red Wedding “The Red Wedding,” given 1) we were led to know it was a name a smallfolk had given a event, and 2) it usually seems uncanny to use a name if you, we know, indeed participated in it. Then it occurred to me that Walder Frey is accurately a arrange of asshole who would see his calumny as fame, and revelry in it. Of march he’d call it a Red Wedding, most out of honour he committed it.

• So an obsidian dagger to a heart turns a vital tellurian into a White Walker, yet it prevents a failing male from branch into a wight? Seems weird. But hey, maybe a Children of a Forest’s sorcery is all obsidian-dagger-to-the-heart-based.

• we forgot to discuss this final week as we was so aggrieved by a Hodorigin, yet a Starks are down to dual direwolves: Jon has Ghost, and presumably Nymeria, who Arya shooed divided waaaaay behind in deteriorate one after she bit Joffrey for harassing Arya’s farmer child pal, is using around somewhere. I… we did not design this many of a Stark children’s direwolves to be passed by this point. It really bums me out.

Warning! Assorted Musings That Contain Spoilers From a Books:

• In “Game of Thrones: Inside a Episode”—WHICH we TOTALLY WATCHED, BY THE WAY—co-showrunner David Benioff refers to Benjen Stark as Coldhands, usually in box we suspicion a uncover competence have brought Bran’s uncle behind in lieu of a puzzling impression from a books. Now, George R.R. Martin has pronounced Coldhands isn’t Benjen in a note to his editor that was after detected by a fan, that would be a super-weird place to repudiate it if it were true. So possibly GRRM lied to his editor, or feign records were put in a donated publishing of A Dance With Dragons on a off possibility a fan would eventually find it, or a Coldhands of a book is still someone different. To be fair, we can simply see a uncover determining to have Benjen be Coldhands usually to disaster with fans.

• Walder Frey mentions a Brotherhood Without Banners as assisting to convene a infantry in support of a Tullys. We’ve listened Thoros of Myr will be creation an coming this season. Guys… we consider we’re removing Lady Stoneheart this season. we could good be wrong, and they could have indeed forsaken her to facilitate a story, yet come on. If we were creation this show, given would we not embody this definitely bonkers, Red Wedding-level mega-surprise? And to wait until deteriorate six, when even a fans have stopped articulate about it given they’re assured it’s not happening… this usually seems so impossibly trustworthy to me.

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