Officials: Man threatened Jewish centers to frame, harass ex

March 4, 2017 - photo frame

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NEW YORK (AP) – A former publisher dismissed for fabricating sum in stories done during slightest 8 of a scores of threats opposite Jewish institutions nationwide, including a explosve hazard to a Anti-Defamation League, as partial of a weird debate to harass and support his ex-girlfriend, sovereign officials said.

Juan Thompson was arrested in St. Louis and seemed there in sovereign justice Friday on a cyberstalking charge. He answered questions and told a decider he had adequate income to sinecure a lawyer.

A throng of supporters who attended pronounced Thompson had no rapist record. His counsel didn’t comment.

Federal officials have been questioning 122 explosve threats called in to Jewish organizations in 3 dozen states given Jan. 9 and a unreasonable of desolation during Jewish cemeteries.

A rapist censure pronounced Thompson started creation threats Jan. 28 with an email to a Jewish History Museum in New York combined from an comment that done it seem as if it were being sent by an ex-girlfriend.

“Juan Thompson put 2 bombs in a History Museum set to go off Sunday,” it said.

Authorities pronounced he followed that adult with identical messages to a Jewish propagandize in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and to a propagandize and village core in Manhattan.

In another turn of emails and phone calls, he gave a woman’s name, rather than his own, a justice censure said. The Council on American-Islamic Relations perceived an unknown email observant a lady put a explosve in a Dallas Jewish center.

Thompson, who’s black, afterwards took to Twitter: “Know any good lawyers?” he wrote. “Need to stop this nasty/racist #whitegirl we antiquated who sent a explosve hazard in my name.” He after tweeted to a Secret Service: “I’m been (sic) worried by an anti-Semite. She sent an antijewish explosve hazard in my name. Help.”

But military contend it was a hoax combined to make a lady demeanour guilty. Thompson also done threats in that he identified a lady as a culprit, authorities said. It’s misleading because Jewish organizations were targeted.

Republican President Donald Trump suggested in a assembly Tuesday with state attorneys ubiquitous a threats opposite Jewish village centers might have been designed to make “others demeanour bad,” according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Trump also has cursed assault opposite Jewish organizations.

Thompson was dismissed from a online announcement The Intercept final year after being indicted of fabricating several quotes and formulating feign email accounts to burlesque people, including a Intercept’s editor-in-chief. One of a stories concerned Dylann Roof, a white shooter of black worshippers during a Charleston, South Carolina, church.

Thompson had combined that a cousin named Scott Roof claimed a gunman was indignant that a adore seductiveness chose a black male over him. A examination showed there was no cousin by that name. The story was retracted.

The Intercept wrote Friday it was “horrified” to learn of Thompson’s arrest.

Thompson had been indicted of weird function before.

Doyle Murphy, a contributor during a Riverfront Times, an choice weekly in St. Louis, pronounced he was subjected to amicable media nuisance after essay about Thompson’s uneasy past in a fallout from his banishment during The Intercept.

Murphy pronounced Thompson set adult unknown accounts on Twitter and other amicable media posing as a lady who claimed she had been intimately assaulted by Murphy. Murphy pronounced he contacted Twitter though each time one feign comment was taken down a new one popped up. He pronounced he contacted military though there was small they could do.

“It was a nightmare, and there’s not a whole lot we could do about it,” Murphy said.

The Federal Communications Commission pronounced Friday it will extend an puncture waiver permitting Jewish village centers and their phone carriers to lane a numbers of callers who make threats, even if a callers try to retard a numbers. It pronounced Democratic U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer had requested such a waiver progressing in a week.

According to a rapist complaint, Thompson and a ex-girlfriend, a amicable worker, pennyless adult final summer. The following day, her trainer perceived an email purporting to be from a inhabitant news classification observant she’d been pulled over for inebriated driving.

The nuisance got worse, authorities said. She perceived an unknown email with bare photos of herself and a hazard to recover them. Her company, a nonprofit that works to finish homelessness, got faxes observant she was anti-Semitic. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children got a note observant she watched child porn.

Thompson’s IP residence was used for a emails, though he told military his mechanism had been hacked, a censure said.

The ADL pronounced Thompson had been on a radar given he built a story about Roof. According to ADL research, Thompson also claimed he wanted to idle a complement of “racial leverage and miserly capitalism that is built opposite us.” He pronounced he was going to run for mayor of St. Louis to “fight behind opposite Trumpian fascism and socio-economic terrorism.”

FBI Director James Comey met with Jewish village leaders Friday to plead a new threats, a group said.

University City, Missouri, military Lt. Fredrick Lemons told a St. Louis Post-Dispatch that detectives will doubt Thompson about a 154 headstones defeated final month during a Jewish tomb there.


Associated Press writers Jim Salter in St. Louis, Michael Balsamo in Los Angeles and Jake Pearson and Verena Dobnik in New York contributed to this report.

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