No, a US is Not Planning to Frame Russians For Bombing Attacks

October 14, 2016 - photo frame

A post on Twitter comparing Russian warrior planes and U.S. Navy fighters embellished to demeanour like them started rumors of an imminent growth conflict by a Obama Administration. But a jets are indeed “aggressor” fighters designed to demeanour and fly like Russian planes for training purposes.

The tweet by Canadian invulnerability publisher Christian Borys compared 3 images of Navy F/A-18 Hornet fighters embellished in Russian Aerospace Force colors. The fourth design was of a Su-34 “Fullback” strike fighter.

Internet swindling theorists instantly seized on it as explanation that a Obama Administration was formulation an conflict in Syria—or on one of a possess ships—that it could pin on a Russian government. Such a “false flag” conflict would concede Obama to start a war…where a fight has already been waging for 5 years. Hey, we never pronounced it done any sense!

In reality, a U.S. Navy jets are invader fighters designed to embrace intensity adversaries in air-to-air fight exercises. Navy has Fighter Squadron Composite (VFC) units sparse opposite a U.S. The fighters in a design are substantially from VFC-12 drifting out of Naval Station Oceana. Here’s a print of 3 VFC-12 fighters drifting over Alaska.

The print is antiquated Oct 2011, that creates us consternation when Obama is going to get around to entertainment this fake dwindle conflict of his.

The VFC-12 aircraft punch with unchanging U.S. Navy fighters in training exercises. The paint pursuit is partial of an bid to make a training as picturesque as possible. Here’s another VFC-12 aircraft in Russian markings:

The Navy also flies comparison F-5 Tiger II jets in invader squadron colors. Here are dual Tigers of VFC-12, stationed during Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada:

Even Russian state media opening RT ran a story, including a twitter by Borys imploring Twitter users to “stop with a conspiracies.”

Will this stifle all of a fake dwindle rumors? Probably not. But hey, that’s some good camo.

Source: Tacairnet

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