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July 31, 2018 - photo frame

REVIEW – Several years digital print frames were a renouned present idea. we reviewed during slightest a dozen of them until their recognition grew stale. But what’s aged is new again and currently digital print frames are creation a comeback. One new support that I’m going to uncover we currently is a Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame. Let’s take a look.

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What is it?

The Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame is a digital print support that can be used to perspective your favorite images. Nixplay creates a accumulation of frames yet their  Cloud Frames are accessible in 15 and 18-inch shade sizes. we was sent a 18-inch version.

Hardware specs

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 350 cd/m2
Supported Photo Format: JPEG / JPG / PNG
Supported Video Format: H.264 HD 720p
Speakers: 2 x (1.5W) Stereo Speakers, 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Input
Ports: USB Drive / SD / SDHC
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n
Width: 18.4 inches (467mm)
Height: 11.4 inches (290mm)
Depth: 1.3 inches (33mm) – though stand, 4.5 inches (115mm) – with stand
Weight:2.72kg – though stand, 2.80kg – with stand

What’s in a box?

Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame
Screw in stand
IR remote
AC adapter
Quick start guide

Design and features

This is a largest digital print support that I’ve reviewed and we have to contend that if you’re going to buy a digital print frame, go large or forget it. This 18-inch support is large and good made. It has black 1-inch bezels on all sides to make it demeanour like a design frame.

The Nixplay has dual sensors that are built into a reduce partial of a frame. In a reduce left dilemma is a suit arrangement sensor and there’s also a IR sensor for a enclosed remote control.

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The remote control has a surface character keypad with functions to control a print slideshow and video playback.

The behind of a Nixplay Cloud WiFi Frame has ascent slots to assistance we mountain a support on a wall in possibly landscape or mural orientation.

There are also speakers built into a behind of a support and a set of control buttons in box we mislay a IR remote control.

The behind of a support has an SD label container and a USB pier if we wish to bucket your possess images from peep memory. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack and a energy port.

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If we don’t wish people messing with a ports, we can retard them by regulating a enclosed cover.

The pier cover is cumulative by dual screws.

If we don’t wish to mountain a Nixplay on a wall, we can insert a enclosed mountain that snaps into a behind of a support and is cumulative by a coronet ride screw.

I opted to do my contrast of a support with a stand. However, by regulating a stand, we can usually use it in landscape orientation.

Loading your images and videos into a frame

To see slideshows of your favorite images and video, we can bucket them on an SD card, a USB peep drive, or we can bond a support to your wireless network and afterwards bucket images from a preference of amicable media sites like Dropbox, Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, Flickr, and Verizon Cloud by regulating a Nixplay web app. Note that solely for a Dropbox energetic playlist, a other amicable media sites will not automatically sync new images to a frame. You will need to refurbish a playlists when we supplement new images that we wish to uncover adult on a Nixplay frame. Don’t worry though, it’s as easy as boring and dropping a images into a playlist from a Nixplay web app.

Another approach to get images into a support is by email. Each support has an email residence reserved to it once we emanate a Nixplay account. Images sent to a support regulating this residence will be combined to a special playlist.

Last yet not least, we can implement a Nixplay app on your smartphone or inscription and send images from your device to a support that approach too.

Before we can use a frame, you’ll need to emanate a Nixplay comment that is giveaway and allows we to simply configure a accumulation of settings on a frame. The giveaway comment also allows we to emanate and cgange playlists of adult to 10GB of photos for adult to 5 opposite Nixplay frames. If we need to conduct some-more frames, Nixplay offers a Plus account where you’ll have 10 frames per comment and 30GB of storage.

For example, if we bucket an manuscript of photos from Instagram or Google Photos like we did, we can mislay images that we don’t wish to see or invalidate a playlist altogether.

Note that a images will be installed on to a support itself so that even if we record out of a Nixplay comment or mislay WiFi connectivity, a support still continues to work.

Most nicer digital print frames concede we to set a nap report so that a support goes into standby mode during a night hours when no one would be saying it anyway. The Nixplay will concede we to possibly have a shade spin off or it can arrangement a time during a nap report hours. But that’s not all. The Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame goes even one step serve by implementing a suit sensor that will put a arrangement in nap mode when it senses that there’s no one in a room. we adore this underline and have found that it works unequivocally well.

Another underline value mentioning is that we can control your Nixplay support with Alexa. You can ask it to play specific playlists usually by regulating your voice. we don’t have an Amazon Echo set adult to exam this feature, yet we can find out some-more about it by visiting a Nixplay site.

Display quality

A digital print support is usually as good as a arrangement peculiarity right? Well, there’s zero to worry about with a Nixplay since a silken LED-backlit arrangement is bright, crisp, and colourful with glorious observation angles so that we can see design sum even if you’re not directly in front of a frame.

The support has a 16:9 aspect ratio so images that we take with your phone will substantially not fill a shade and you’ll send adult saying bands on a sides or a tip and bottom of a screen. The cold thing is that Nixplay creates a tone of a bands compare a design on a screen.

This approach a bands aren’t usually white or black.

Here’s an instance of a breathtaking design that we took while on vacation in Three Rivers California. See how a Nixplay is arrangement tip and bottom bands?

Here are some other examples. Click a pics to see a full image.

You’re substantially wondering if there’s a approach to fill a shade with a design to get absolved of a bands and yes, there is. Actually, there are a few other ways to arrangement your favorite cinema on a Nixplay frame.

You can set a images to fill a support that Looks good as prolonged as a theme of a design is in a core of a design and is tiny adequate that certain sum don’t get cut off with a design fills a frame. See a design above, it’s an Instagram design that is typically a block image. I’ve set a design to fill a screen.

And here’s a strange image. See how a tops of a mailboxes are cut off when it’s regulating a fill arrangement mode?

Here’s a picture arrangement mode that shows any new design on tip of a prior image.

And here’s a tile arrangement mode that shows dual images side by side. This mode works good for images that are adult and down (portrait) instead of far-reaching (landscape).

In further to a mixed observation styles, a support also has 11 opposite transition styles when it loads a new image. You can mention a one we like best or usually set it to pointless so it uses all of a styles.

What we like

  • Great display
  • Doesn’t need a paid subscription
  • SD label and USB readers
  • Alexa enabled
  • Motion sensor

What to cruise before buying

  • Price

Final thoughts

As we mentioned in a opening divide of this review, I’ve reviewed during slightest a dozen digital print frames in a final 2 decades, yet a Nixplay is a initial digital print support that has indeed tender me on all fronts. It creates my images demeanour good and a built-in facilities like suit arrangement and nap schedules make this an beguiling digital print support to use.

Price: $279.99
Where to buy: Nixplay and Amazon
Source: The representation for this examination was supposing by Nixplay.

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