Nixplay Edge 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

January 29, 2016 - photo frame

The $129.99 Nixplay Edge is an 8-inch connected print support that displays your photos and videos pulled from a cloud around Wi-Fi, or from your smartphone or inscription around Bluetooth. You get 10GB of giveaway cloud storage, along with a ability to sync pics from renouned services like Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Picasa. The Edge is elementary to set adult and easy to use interjection to discerning mobile and web apps, and picture peculiarity is plain (though observation angles could be better). File format support is a bit limited, and video can usually be played from a connected USB expostulate or memory card, yet a a Nixplay Edge could be value it if you’re looking for an easy approach to perspective all your photos in a cloud.

Design and Features
The Edge has a sleek, minimalist design, with a rubberized matte finish that ought to fit in with many decor. It measures 6.27 by 7.58 by 0.99 inches (HWD), weighs 10.44 ounces, and sits on a stand, creation it easy to fit on only about any prosaic aspect in your home.

The shade is an 8-inch, 1,024-by-768-pixel LCD row with a 4:3 aspect ratio. It looks splendid and frail from head-on, yet colors start to rinse out when we perspective a support during an angle. In addition, a support tends to simulate light, so you’ll spasmodic have to flicker by some glare. Glare is understandable, as that’s something normal frames humour from as well, yet a observation angles are a bit disappointing.

Below a display, in a reduce right corner, are dual little dim squares. The left one is a suit sensor, that turns a support on when we enter a room (you can also set a support to always-on if we prefer). The right one is a IR receiver for a enclosed remote. A Nixplay trademark sits on a conflicting side.

Behind a support you’ll find a somewhat lifted row with controls and ports, including a SD/SDHC card slot, a 3.5mm headphone/speaker port, a customary USB port, and a pier for a enclosed energy adapter. Near these ports are a controls, housed inside a diamond-shaped blueprint that lets we skip brazen and backward, boost and diminution volume, and play/pause/select. A energy symbol sits above, while a menu symbol is below.

Nixplay Edge 8 Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

The frame includes 2GB of inner memory, that we can enhance around a USB expostulate or memory card. You also get 10GB of giveaway cloud storage enclosed with a Nixplay comment we need to use a frame; we can sync adult to 5 Nixplay frames with a account. For $1.99 per month, a Nixplay Plus Account increases a storage to 30GB and a limit series of frames. You can supplement additional storage in a form of 100GB for $4.99 per month, 200GB for $9.99, 500GB for $22.99, and 1TB for $39.99.

The enclosed remote is elementary yet effective. It measures 4.0 by 1.8 by 0.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 0.8 ounces, so it’s light, tiny, and easy to use as prolonged as we have a approach line of steer with a frame’s IR receiver. You’ll find a same diamond-shaped control blueprint on a remote as on a behind of a frame, along with an collection of other buttons, including controls for power, menu, and navigation. The remote also has shortcut buttons for your now comparison print playlist (more on that in a subsequent section), and a blank symbol that we can map to any function.

The Edge supports JPG and PNG print files, as good as H.264 and MP4 video files. You can't play GIF images or AVI videos. Photos arrangement during 1,028 by 768, while video plays behind during 720p. The 4:3 aspect ratio matches a picture sensors on many smartphones, compress digital cameras, and Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. But if we fire with an SLR or a reward compress your images are prisoner during a wider 3:2 ratio. If your photo is wider than a support can accomodate, or if it’s shot in mural orientation, a support solemnly pans opposite it, which isn’t ideal.

Setup, Apps, and Performance
Setting adult a Edge is really easy. All we need is a Wi-Fi tie and a computer, smartphone, or tablet. There is no program to install. Just arrange a elementary two-piece mount and block in a frame. You’ll be asked to bond to your Wi-Fi network from a list of accessible connections, that we can do around a control row on a behind of a support or on a remote. Once connected, we have to go to Nixplay’s site and enter a frame’s 16-digit sequence series to activate your account. (You can bypass this routine and skip true to observation photos by inserting a memory label or USB drive, yet you’ll skip out on all a cloud-connected facilities explained below.)

Nixplay Edge 8 Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

From Nixplay’s site, it’s really easy to upload, organize, and drag and dump photos from your mechanism to a playlist of your choosing. As we competence imagine, Nixplay playlists are only like song playlists, yet with photos. Once a playlist is combined to a frame, photos seem in seconds. You can press a adult or down buttons on a remote or support to adjust transition effects between photos, such as cranky fades, burst cuts, or wipes.

Above a print classification area, you’ll see tabs for print pity and amicable media accounts like Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Picasa. You can simply couple your accounts for these with Nixplay to arrangement your photos on a Edge. This is intensely useful if we have photos widespread opposite a far-reaching accumulation of services.

Nixplay Edge 8 Wi-Fi Cloud FrameWith a Nixplay mobile app, that is accessible for giveaway in a Apple App Store and Google Play, we can send photos from your phone or inscription directly to a support around Bluetooth. Under a Friends tab, we can concede others to share photos with a support as well. You can also optimize a fortitude of photos and supplement content captions.  

Videos do not play on a support over Wi-Fi, that is disappointing. You can access them by regulating a memory label or a USB drive. Once you’re adult and running, video peculiarity is only as good as print quality, yet we wouldn’t use a support to indeed watch a movie. The orator on a behind delivers audio peculiarity on standard with a smartphone.

The Nixplay Edge is a fun approach for digital photo hounds to uncover of all the snapshots they have in a cloud. The singular record support isn’t too big a deal, as a upheld record forms are utterly common. But it would have been good to watch video over Wi-Fi, and while picture peculiarity is good, observation angles could be better. Still, if you’re looking for a dedicated arrangement for your digital photos, there aren’t a ton of new digital frames on a market, and a Nixplay Edge is a plain option.

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