Nissan hopes new Titan can moment US pickup market

January 12, 2015 - photo frame

Nissan hopes to be hauling some complicated loads with a launch of a second-generation Titan pickup.

The strange truck, introduced in 2004, was a initial Japanese indication to aim a full-size shred prolonged dominated by Detroit. After some initial success, however, direct went into a tailspin from that Titan has nonetheless to recover.

But with a all-new indication creation a entrance Monday during a 2015 North American International Auto Show, a second-largest Japanese builder is betting it can emanate what it calls a “new class” within a outrageous pickup segment. Nissan is targeting those, it says, who wish “the capability of a heavy-duty hauler with a drivability and affordability of a light-duty pickup.”

Those visiting a Nissan mount will get a initial glance of a new 2016 Titan XD Crew Cab, a complicated lifter in a line. But by a time a full Titan family is rolled out, there will be 3 cab configurations, dual support sizes and 5 opposite class levels.

There also will be 3 opposite engines, including a fuel-sipping V-6 and a beefier V-8. But in an surprising move, Nissan is rising a new Titan with a 5.0-liter Cummins diesel, one of usually dual “oil-burners” accessible for light-duty pickup buyers.

While rated during 310-horsepower and a large 555 pound-feet of torque, Nissan suggests a diesel Titan will broach some of a lorry market’s best mileage, yet it isn’t prepared to recover numbers. The stream half-ton mileage champ is a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel, that delivers 20 mpg city, 28 highway.

With fuel prices during five-year lows, that competence not be utterly as appealing as when gas was using $4 a gallon, however, so design Nissan to spotlight a fact that a diesel Titan also will broach adult to 12,000 pounds of towing capacity, and a ability to transport adult to 2,000 pounds of cargo.

“This is a loyal truck-truck,” boasted Product Specialist Rich Miller during a preview of a new Titan.

The pickup also will underline a accumulation of useful innovations, from a lockable bed storage bins to a rearview guard with trailer guides. The around-view guard complement will yield a unnatural bird’s-eye perspective of a vehicle, while relocating intent showing can mark other vehicles or even selling carts when subsidy out of a parking spot.

Whether all that will assistance Nissan turn some-more than an asterisk on a pickup sales charts stays to be seen. Even while a builder delivered a record December, it saw sales of Titan trip 32.3 percent, to a small 869. For a year, a lorry was down 20.2 percent, to 12,527, about as many Ford F-Series pickups that are sole in a week.

The birth of a second-generation Nissan Titan has been convoluted. At one point, a builder wanted to partner with Chrysler and take a chronicle of a renouned Ram 1500. That was scuttled after a Detroit builder emerged from failure and was taken over by Italy’s Fiat.

Nissan officials will only be blissful to finally get a new Titan into showrooms “later this year.”

“We have a outrageous hole in the choice and it’s in full-size pickups,” pronounced Phil O’Connor, who leads lorry operations for Nissan. Simply removing Titan sales behind to where they were in 2005, he noted, would boost Nissan’s stream marketplace share by a full half point, to 8.9 percent.

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