New Year’s Eve DIY decorations: How to make a print booth

December 29, 2014 - photo frame


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If there’s one approach to make certain your New Year’s Eve celebration is a success, it is this: Have a print booth. 

Festive photo-booth snapshots with props and poses are stuffing amicable media, and there’s no reason because we can’t join in on a fun. This DIY print counter takes usually 4 easy stairs and 20 mins to complete. So entice your friends, set adult a camera and get prepared to strike a pose.  

Mary Peffer


Step 1: Use double-sided froth fasten to belong a screen to your wall. This will act as a backdrop. Place a screen usually high adequate that it kindly grazes a floor.

Mary Peffer

Step 2: Add dimension to your backdrop with your favorite textured fabric. Using thumbtacks, secure a fabric to a screen and wall (you can also use painter’s tape). Here, a skinny deceive of shine tulle frames a screen to feel some-more like a “stage”. 

Mary Peffer

Step 3: Add a skinny piece of tulle opposite a tip apportionment of a curtain. Apply particular stars with double-sided froth fasten to a tulle. 

Mary Peffer

Step 4: Select your props. Most people feel nervous when they are being photographed, so a best accessories are those that poke a call to action. Having something to reason or poise with is not usually gratifying though it helps everybody disencumber up. 

Mary Peffer

Positioning and lighting tips

Whether we are regulating a tripod with your camera, smartphones or an present camera, tallness and positioning are important. Try holding a few exam shots to find a support we like many and fasten an X on a building to prove as a marker. If we don’t feel gentle regulating tape, afterwards simply set any intent from a flower pot to an finish list outward a support to line adult with where your guest should stand. 

Usually elementary lighting will assistance fill any shot, though if we need some-more light for a images than what a room’s elementary lighting will allow, cruise adding a elementary strand of lights subsequent to a camera to help. 

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Now peep a grin and have some fun!

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