New ThinkPad is a reliable favorite for business users

April 12, 2015 - photo frame

For years, Lenovo has been a go-to code for energy users who usually need a powerful, portable—and above all, reliable—Windows laptop giveaway from frills and fluff.

The 2015 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (MSRP: $1,079.10, $1,574.10 as tested) competence not be neat or revolutionary, yet it is a clarification of pithy, omission unnecessary facilities that business users conjunction wish nor need.

And in many ways, a 2015 X1 Carbon is a lapse to form for Lenovo. After experimenting with some new (and not zodiacally well-received) interface changes final year, this year’s Carbon is accurately what you’d pattern from a ThinkPad—little red outgrowth and all.

On a outside, a Carbon closely follows a established, stern ThinkPad pattern language. It’s a solidly assembled laptop that is nonetheless comparatively lightweight and dressed all in black.

Lifting a lid reveals a few customary facilities as good as a integrate of surprises for longtime ThinkPad users. In a prior model, Lenovo switched to hold media and duty keys on a tip row, frustrating many of a revolutionary supporters. Well, Lenovo listened to a feedback, and earthy duty keys are behind for 2015.

When it comes to a rest of a keyboard, Lenovo’s dedicated to tradition also pays dividends. The chiclet keys are separate, yet they’re firmly grouped and yield a gratifying automatic movement that feels closer to a full desktop keyboard than many other ultraportable laptops.

ThinkPad’s informed red symbol in a core of a keyboard—the Trackpoint, as it’s known— fits ideally underneath your fingertip and can be used to approach a rodent and scroll. It competence seem anachronistic, yet ThinkPad enthusiasts venerate it, and because protest about another approach to correlate with a calm on your screen?

That signature red outgrowth of rubber isn’t a usually singular underline here. Just to a right of a arrow keys you’ll find a fingerprint scanner. Once your fingerprints have been automatic regulating a enclosed Fingerprint Manager Pro software, you’ll be means to appropriate your finger to clear your computer, vouchsafing we secure your laptop yet wanting to remember a password.

When purchasing a 2015 X1 Carbon online, we have a series of opposite configurations to select from.

Our examination section came versed with a healthy brew of both high-end and entry-level components. It had a latest fifth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPU powering a 14-inch, 2560×1440 touchscreen. You can adult a storage, supplement a faster processor, or even embody a SIM label container for mobile connectivity, yet it’ll cost we extra.

Like Lenovo’s “Yoga” line of laptops, a arrangement is means to hook behind 180-degrees until it lays prosaic on your desk. This operation of fit is accessible when you’re operative from a cot or if we wish to uncover coworkers what you’re operative on yet flitting a laptop around a table.

When it comes to ports, a Carbon has a few some-more than what you’d typically find on an ultraportable laptop, including ones for HDMI, USB 3.0, mini display, Ethernet and headsets. If we need a small some-more than that, we can squeeze a advancing hire to supplement some-more ports and arrangement options.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is using a same chronicle of Windows 8.1 that many people will be informed with, that includes a start menu that’s optimized for touchscreens with large, modular tiles for any app. And distinct many Windows PCs, Lenovo has mercifully motionless to use a lighter hold when it comes to bloatware.

Performance-wise a X1 Carbon can hoop many tasks solely those that are graphically intensive. The built-in Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPU is excellent for light print editing, yet any some-more than that and it’ll simply be overmatched.

If we opt for a identical setup to a examination section you’ll during slightest suffer rival battery life, as a ThinkPad managed 3.5 hours in a complete battery outline test. Under normal aria we should simply get a full workday out of it, so prolonged flights yet energy should be no sweat.

The laptop marketplace is unusually rival these days, so it’s no warn that Lenovo walked behind some of a reduction required changes it done to final year’s X1 Carbon. While some competence perspective that as a negative, we like that Lenovo knows what Lenovo fans want.

If we do wish something that feels a small fresher, a new Dell XPS 13 starts during $800 yet can scarcely compare a Carbon for energy (and price) if we configure it right, with improved battery life and a most some-more compress frame.

In a end, though, we consider that tried-and-true ThinkPad fans will find a lot to adore with a 2015 X1 Carbon. It won’t be a flashiest laptop in a boardroom, yet like a frail black suit, it’s a kind of steady, arguable choice that’ll never go out of style.

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