Mystery print found in piano

October 1, 2017 - photo frame

NEW CASTLE, Colo. (KJCT) — One man’s rabble has turn another family’s treasure. But they got some-more than they bargained for and wish to lapse some. A New Castle family has found a photo, and wants to find out who a poser people are.

“You never know, it could be a usually print of a kind,” pronounced Leaanna Shaffer, a New Castle resident.

They contend a design is value a thousand words.

“I don’t know if it’s a marriage design since it kind of looks like it a small bit,” pronounced Shaffer. “I would kind of like to get a backstory on it.”

The piano started out as a present for Leaanna Shaffer’s son with autism, “He showed some seductiveness in personification a piano.”

After Shaffer started cleaning a piano, she came opposite a design frame.

“It has doors in a bottom, so we non-stop those up,” pronounced Shaffer. “That’s indeed where we had found a picture.”

Shaffer got a piano from a male in Glenwood Springs.

“The initial thing we suspicion of was, these guys contingency have incidentally mislaid their family print into it,” pronounced Shaffer.

When she asked about a ideally total print of a male in uniform clearly station subsequent to his bride, a prior owners knew nothing.

“He was like, we’ve never seen that,” pronounced Shaffer.

Now that she has strike a passed end, Shaffer is branch to a energy of amicable media. Hoping someone somewhere will commend it.

“Was it their marriage day, where were they going, who they are,” pronounced Shaffer.

For now, a family will reason on to it until it finds a loyal home.

“Somebody out there competence wish this back, if it’s of a family member, anything like that. It competence have some nauseating value,” pronounced Shaffer.

There are some clues about a photo. The male is in uniform, it looks like a marriage photo, and they consider it could be from around a 70’s or 80’s. Shaffer has attempted contacting a Military though there isn’t a approach to lane down a man.

The piano does have a sequence series on it, that they wish will lead them to some some-more clues.

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