‘My Classic Car’ horde Dennis Gage spreads adore of all things wheels

August 23, 2015 - photo frame

If you’ve always been a fan of Pringles potato chips, we competence wish to make a indicate of interlude by a 37th Annual Wheels of Time Rod and Custom Jamboree in Macungie, that runs Aug. 28-30.

Dennis Gage, a mustachioed co-creator of a classical 1980s salty, snack-in-a-can, will be there profitable loyalty to classics of another sort. The horde of a TV uncover “My Classic Car,” now in a 20th season, Gage will be behind during a vast uncover and festival to fasten an partial of a renouned module desired by automotive aficionados worldwide.

Eddie Munster aka Butch Patrick during Wheels of Time

“My Classic Car” front 26 episodes per year on Velocity and MAVTV networks, that indeed translates into about 13 promote locations, Gage says, given he tries to fasten dual episodes in any location, one focusing on a automobile uncover and a second focusing on a sold automobile or gourmet that will atmosphere during a after date. He says he gets “hundreds and hundreds” of suggestions of places to revisit from all over a universe by a TV program’s website.

“We demeanour during all that comes in,” Gage says, adding that after 19 years on-the-air, he has shot in all 50 states, 8 Canadian provinces and countless European countries. He emphasizes that he and his group try to say a geographic change in building any season’s prolongation schedule. “Part of it is to denote that this hobby is ubiquitous. This hobby is used everywhere and it is for everybody,” pronounced Gage, whose uncover reaches 90 million households.

Possibly a many famous gourmet Gage has profiled has been former “Tonight Show” horde Jay Leno, who is a theme of an whole “My Classic Car” DVD. A print with Leno is during a tip of his Facebook page.

Season 19 episodes enclosed a integrate some-more visits to Leno and visits to a Wild Hot Rod Weekend in Mahwah, N.J., a Saratoga Invitational in New York and a Lake Mirror Classic in Lakeland, Fla.