Muslim Cleric Warns Against Selfies, Saying They Lead to Different Sins

January 28, 2015 - photo frame

A renouned Muslim minister from Earth’s many populous Muslim nation is causing utterly a stir due to open comments about a sinfulness of selfies. Felix Siauw of Indonesia warned his scarcely 1.2 million supporters on Twitter opposite a practice, observant that it opens a doorway to a crowd of sins.

First noticed by Coconuts Jakarta, a summary came in a form of seventeen records Siauw posted to his personal Twitter account. Siauw endorsed that immature people equivocate holding selfies, and afterwards put brazen a series of arguments as to why. Here are a few of them alongside translations by Coconuts Jakarta:

If we take a selfie, differentiate by and select a best pose, and afterwards we’re awed and tender by a selves – worryingly, that’s called PRIDE

If we take a selfie and upload it on amicable media, desperately anticipating for view, likes, comments or whatever – we’ve depressed into a OSTENTATIOUS trap

If we take a selfie and we feel cooler and improved than others – we’ve depressed into a misfortune impiety of all, ARROGANCE

He afterwards forked a finger privately during Muslim women who snap selfies, saying:

These days many Muslim women take selfies but shame. There are customarily 9 frames in one print with facial poses that are only – My Goodness – where’s a virginity in women?

Siauw’s arguments opposite selfies didn’t lay good with selfie lovers in Indonesia. People responded by posting a swell of selfies to amicable networks with a tab #Selfie4Siauw, causing it to turn a trending subject in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Back in Sep 2013, India’s heading Islamic seminary sparked some debate of the possess after reportedly calling photography “unlawful and a sin.” The establishment after simplified the stance, observant that it simply issues “religious advice” for people’s “personal use”.

(via Quartz)

Image credits: Selfie header print by John Ragai

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