Mother’s Day 2015: Top 12 Gift Ideas For The Techie Mom

May 5, 2015 - photo frame

Mother’s day is roughly on us and we know lots of we are wondering what to get your mom this year. Not all mothers are a same and some might not conclude a standard flowers, cards and candy as they would a smartphone, inscription or some other kind of tech. So we have gathered a list of a best 12 gadgets to buy a techie mom in your life. Check them out below: 

1. Digital Photo Frame – Mom’s are nauseating and adore to keep photos of their appreciated memories, that mostly times embody cinema of you. Why not ascent your moms print book to a digital age with a digital print frame. With Nixplay Edge’s Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame mom’s can simply supplement mixed pics to a support by usually email them directly to a print frame, or even better, entrance all a photos on their Facebook or Instagram and upload them to a Nixplay online cloud storage. You can even emanate playlists and supplement captions to a photos. The support comes in dual sizes a initial is 8-inches for 129.99 or 13-inches for $250. 

Nixplay Edge's Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Nixplay Edge’s Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame.

2. Mr. Coffee WeMo – For a operative mom or usually a mom who wants a rad coffee builder a WeMo coffee appurtenance by Mr. Coffee is a right product. With a giveaway WeMo app mom’s can module and start brewing a ideal crater right from bed. The app is concordant with both Android and iOS devices. The neat black and chrome coffeemaker sells for $149.99.

3. Canary Home Security – Mom’s worry, it’s what they do. Why not palliate that worry with an all-in-one home confidence system? With Canary Home Home Security System we can control your home’s confidence right from your smartphone and distinct normal home confidence systems, it doesn’t need additional sensors, and set-up takes usually minutes. Just download a app, set Canary on a prosaic surface, block it in, bond it to a internet, and you’re set. The device is $249.99.

4. Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa – Mom’s work tough and need some pampering though don’t always have a time or supports for a full sauna day. With a Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa we can move a pampering to your mom. With this feet sauna we get dual absolute hydro jets, that broach a rejuvenating tide of H2O to boost circulation, soothe parsimonious muscles and relax sleepy feet. You can collect adult a Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa during Brookstone for usually $129.99.

5. LG G Watch – For a mom’s that are Android-fanboys this will be a ideal tool for her. The G Watch, with a always-on display, is concordant with any phone or inscription using Android 4.3 or higher. The G Watch is like carrying a smartphone on your wrist with most some-more convenience. The watch comes in dual colors, black and white and starts out during $129.

6. Apple Watch – On that same note for a mom’s that are Apple fanboys a recently expelled Apple Watch is a ideal present for her. With a Apple Watch we get an incrediby accurate watch with a abilities of an iOS device. The pricing varies though we can check out all a facilities here

apple watch edition
Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition.

7. Apple Device – There are a few options here for a tool mom in your life. You can always go for a new iPhone 6 if your mom is in need for an upgrade. The device starts out during $199 and comes in 3 colors; gold, space gray and silver. You can also opt for an iPad or iPad mini with a latter starting out during $399 and a iPad Air 2 starting during $499. 

8. Android Devices – Again, if your mom is in need for an ascent in a smartphone dialect a recently suggested Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be ideal. The new device comes with a beautifully winding display, faster processor and most more. If you’re looking for a inscription a Google Nexus 9’s reward build, rapid opening and unchanging updates describe it one of a best high-end Android tablets and starts out during $349

9.  Silk’n FaceFX Anti-Aging Device – This tool is a hand-held LED device for facial treatments of wrinkles, shortening pore distance and improving a coming of a skin. This could really send a wrong summary to some moms so a recommendation is know accurately how your mom will conflict before startling her with this gift. You can collect adult a Silk’N FaceFX device from Bed Bath and Beyond for $149.99.

10. Amazon Home Services – Want to give your mom a day off from bland home cleaning and other paltry activities? Check out Amazon Home Services. The mega online tradesman recently teamed adult with TaskRabbit and other professionals to offer all from in-home low cleaning to DIY seat public and all in between.

11. Soundfreaq Sound Rise – Here’s a approach to let your mom arise adult to uninformed flowers each day of a year. With a singular book Soundfreaq Sound Rise Flower Freaq we get a super complicated wireless speaker, high-tech alarm time and USB charging hire dipped in a pleasing fragrance of wildflowers. The device is $79.99 and we can check it out here.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Flower Freaq
Soundfreaq Sound Rise Flower Freaq.

12. Swarovski Shine Vio Pendant – This is ideal for a aptness mom. The Shine pairs with a Misfit app to record your sleep, food, weight and earthy activity and it’s solar powered. Furthermore, a pattern is not too sport-ish or techie so moms can span it with anything. The Shine comes in dual opposite colors including china and a dim gray. It starts out during $149 and is available for preorders now.

Swarovski tech
Swarovski Shine Vio Pendant.

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