Morgan Co. lady looks for owners of hand-drawn print found dark in design frame

November 6, 2015 - photo frame

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – You design to finish adult with a few family heirlooms when selling during an antique store; though one Decatur woman says she and her mom found something they’re not certain a strange owners meant to partial with.

The elementary support bought during a Decatur preservation emporium had only an typical design in it. “My mom liked the frame. She thought, ‘well we could use that for something’,” pronounced Nancy Hardin.

Hardin’s mom put a support away, and for several years, never looked during it. When a time came to change a picture, there was a warn watchful — a hand-drawn portrait. “That design had to get something put over it and someone only forgot,” pronounced Hardin.

Do we commend a lady in this drawing? We'd like to bond with her family to assistance lapse it to them.

Do we commend a lady in this drawing? We’d like to bond with her family to assistance lapse it to them.

Every design is pronounced to be value a thousand words, and in this case, 3 of them are created on a bottom. “In a left dilemma it says mom and has a small heart on it,” pronounced Hardin. “There is a name of a artist on it, though it’s a small bit tough to read. The name looks like it is Nicole Sirk.”

They’re looking for a legitimate owners of a picture, meaningful it has to meant something to someone. “It’s exquisite work, whoever did it. Very appealing lady and ya know, and if it was my family we would wish to have it back,” pronounced Hardin.

The design has been common on Facebook some-more than 12,000 times, though so far, no one has come brazen to explain a photo.

Click here to see an extended print of a artist’s signature. 

If we commend a chairman in this photo, or a name during a bottom, greatfully email Megan Brantley during

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