More than 18000 pointer petition to mislay hulk print frame

December 18, 2017 - photo frame


The quarrel by some to mislay a new blue support during Garden of a Gods Park continues. 

As of Sunday night, there were some-more than 18,000 signatures for an online petition to g

“Hideous” and “vandalism” are usually some of a difference people are regulating to report a display. 

However, it’s not all disastrous feedback. Several people told News 5 on Sunday that they like a support and are opposite a petition. 

Jeffery Jones said, “I don’t mind it. we indeed like it. It’s flattering nice.” 

Jones was visiting Garden of a Gods Park for a initial time on Sunday. For him, it was an event to snap a design with a new blue frame

“I consider it’s something that adds color. It adds something that we don’t see around too often.” 

Some people like Katherine Turner and Brad Crockett aren’t so sure. Crockett said, “I suspicion it looked kind of cute, though it unequivocally wasn’t necessary.” 

Many other people are furious. 

Lindsey Samelson said, “I consider it’s vandalism, generally a petrify in a dirt. We hatred it. It’s awful. We got married in that accurate mark so it generally is upsetting…let’s take it down.”

Elizabeth Guess said, “I consider it’s hideous, positively hideous…it’s a pleasing spot. We don’t need a big, blue support in it.” 

Guess is usually one of thousands of people who’s sealed a online petition to get absolved of a frame

It’s not a usually form of protest. A satire of a support combined by a internal male is creation a approach around Colorado Springs. The cinema of a satire have left viral. 

Guess said, “I wish a city officials during slightest listen since we consider a lot of people have uttered their opinion really clearly.”

The city says a designation will stay in place until a finish of 2018. At that time, efficacy and open greeting will be evaluated. 

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