Missile Test ‘UFO’ Captured in Photos and Videos

November 8, 2015 - photo frame


People on a West Coast of a United States were treated to a light uncover Saturday night after a US Navy sensitively launched a exam of an unarmed missile. As a splendid white light shot opposite a sky and burnt out as a blue haze, panicked people placed 911 calls with theories of hulk meteors or aliens in UFOs.

Some people were in a right place during a right time with their cameras and were means to constraint conspicuous photos, videos, and even time-lapses of a “UFO.”

YouTube vlogger Julien Solomita was during a Target parking structure in Los Angeles sharpened time-lapses and night footage when a barb appeared. “I was means to start recording right afterwards and there, and as we can see in a video, it turns into something that releases some arrange of hulk blue light in a round haze,” he writes. “It was simply a craziest thing I’ve witnessed. we rushed home to upload this”:

Photographer Fede Benavides was in Santa Clara, California, sharpened a long-exposure print of a beacon when a barb upheld overhead. His rigging and settings were prepared for it, and he prisoner this shot:


“The thing started like a flash, afterwards all of a remarkable it started to leave behind a blue route that remained intense in a sky for about 10 to 15 minutes,” Benavides tells PetaPixel. “I continued to lane a light while it was manifest and it was doing S shapes in a sky.”

Freelance photographer Justin Majeczky of Varient3 Productions was sharpened time-lapse photos of a Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco when a barb entered his frame. He immediately stopped sharpened a time-lapse and used his camera to record some video:

The troops says a $37 million Trident II (D5) barb was dismissed from a submarine off a seashore of Southern California, and that it will be doing troops tests by Nov 12th, 2015.

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