Miss. camp opens for Magnolia Mound’s Petite Antiques Forum

January 16, 2015 - photo frame

Landon and Connie Anderson collect aged houses, so when a New Orleans Realtor told them about a 200-year-old camp residence for sale in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, only opposite a Louisiana state line, a late orthopedist and his mother couldn’t conflict adding another skill to their collection.

“When we initial saw Holly Grove, it was in mid-June on a pleasing square of land,” pronounced Landon Anderson. “It was in good condition. Nobody had been mucking around with it.”

In 2005, a Andersons, longtime residents of Wilmington, North Carolina, acquired Holly Grove, a featured home on this year’s Friends of Magnolia Mound Plantation Petite Antiques Forum.

From his research, Landon Anderson detected that a home was built about 1810 by Duncan Stewart, a descendent of a Royal Stewarts of Scotland, and that a skill had ties to some of a many renowned families of Virginia and a Felicianas.

Duncan Stewart, whose family came to North Carolina from Scotland in 1739, served as a state deputy and senator in North Carolina and afterwards changed to Tennessee, where he also served as state deputy and senator.

He came to a Mississippi Territory in 1809. The following year, he built a initial partial of Holly Grove, a two-story gymnasium and parlor residence with a double front gallery and presumably a lean-to further during a rear.

Stewart served as surveyor ubiquitous of a domain and a authority and, after statehood, a initial major administrator of Mississippi.

“Duncan Stewart came down here with money,” Landon Anderson said. “He was a moneyed string planter. He had slaves.”

Anderson believes that a home was initial lengthened with a further of a core gymnasium and bedrooms on dual levels on a north side.

“We consider Duncan revamped a house, changing woodwork, adding rooms,” Anderson said. “There was a vast fortuitous of a family vital here.”

A second enlargement substantially enclosed a behind gallery with bedrooms on any end. Later, a behind gallery was walled in and another gallery with bedrooms added.

“The columns were combined presumably before Duncan died to announce his standing in a state government, or maybe in a 1830s when a sons have taken over and string is creation money,” Landon Anderson said.

Two of Duncan Stewart’s sons married sisters from a renowned Randolph family of Virginia and brought them to Holly Grove. Their children married into renowned West Feliciana families including a Forts of Catalpa Plantation, a Bowmans of Rosedown and a Mathews of Butler Greenwood.

Duncan Stewart’s twin brother, James Stewart, remained in Tennessee, yet in 1818, when he satisfied he was dying, he staid his affairs, had a coffin made, hold his possess wake and came to Mississippi to be buried subsequent to his brother.

Duncan Stewart’s grandchildren also done gentle matches, marrying into a Stirling family of Wakefield Plantation and a family of Judge Edward McGehee, pronounced to be a wealthiest male in Wilkinson County.

Members of a Stewart family lived in a home until a 1890s when it went by a period of owners, including Floyd and Georgie Williamson, who owned a home in a 1960s.

“They showed Tennessee Walking Horses,” pronounced a Williamsons’ granddaughter, Nancy Williamson Cadwallader. “They had a ring in a behind of a skill where Georgie desired roving a outrageous stallion.”

Georgie Williamson was an consultant gardener who planted many of a camellias still on a property.

“She desired flowers of all kinds, generally roses,” Cadwallader said. “She had a florist cooler, where she could store her flowers.”

Marvin Stuckey, a Baton Rouge physician, purchased a home and spent 3 years in a late 1980s restoring it. Because of his work, Holly Grove was in glorious condition when a Andersons purchased it. Even yet they say their home in Wilmington, they spend a good partial of a year during Holly Grove, where they lift Devon, an ancient multiply of cattle.

The Andersons filled a home with antiques, including 3 strange Stewart pieces — a family Bible published in 1846 and portraits of James Alexander Stewart and Juliana Randolph Stewart.

Landon Anderson has spent a good understanding of time restoring a aged Stewart tomb on a property. It contains elaborate headstones including a oldest marker, one for small Penelope Jones Stewart, who died in 1824 before her second birthday.

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