Microsoft Office for iOS goes giveaway and full-featured on your iPhone

November 6, 2014 - photo frame

On Thursday, Microsoft expelled a new chronicle of Office for iOS that unifies a user knowledge opposite all devices—great and small—and opens a doorway to giveaway modifying and calm creation, either we have an Office 365 comment or not. This new Microsoft Office for iOS apartment includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Word for iPhone now has a same modifying collection as Word for iPad—the Office apps offer a one knowledge opposite devices.

Previously, there were dual versions of Office for iOS devices: The scarcely invalid Office Mobile for iPhone and a extraordinary and scarcely ideal Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad. Thursday’s recover unifies a Office user knowledge opposite all iOS inclination able of regulating iOS 7 or newer and introduces a preview chronicle of a Office apps for Android tablets.

While Office Mobile for iPhone lacked any underline compulsory to make it useful on your iPhone, Microsoft’s stay insists that a new versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are built on a same codebase as a glorious Office for iPad apartment of apps, though any is optimized for a device you’re operative on. So a modifying knowledge helps we concentration on your calm rather than reckoning out how to work around interface elements. Each app, either it appears on your iPad Air or your iPhone 6, offers a same set of facilities with a somewhat opposite user interface, optimizing a request modifying and origination routine so that formatting collection and other facilities stay out of your approach until we need them for formatting changes. 

I saw these new apps on an iPhone 6, iPad Air, and an Android tablet, all of that were good orderly and easy to use. A Microsoft repute pronounced that a apps demeanour glorious on a iPhone 6 Plus and, even given a singular shade space of a iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S models, are really serviceable on those inclination as well.

This refurbish lets we revise or emanate papers even if we don’t have an Office 365 account, that was formerly locked. 

While entrance to Office on all of your iOS inclination is acquire news, a bigger news might be that we are no longer compulsory to have an Office 365 comment in sequence to emanate and revise content—you can entrance these facilities for free. Without an Office 365 account, prior versions of a iPad apps noted any request we non-stop Read Only, creation it really scarcely invalid for anyone though an Office 365 account. Microsoft’s recently announced formation with Dropbox will be live as shortly as a apps are available.

It’s critical to note that, while these giveaway apps aren’t hamstrung in poignant ways, Office energy users will find there are incentives for purchasing an Office 365 subscription, including modernized change tracking features, no boundary on a ways we can use divide styles, and modernized chart, table, and design formatting tools. And if you’re formulation on regulating OneDrive for business documents, we will be compulsory to squeeze an Office 365 account. But, in my brief time with these Office apps, many users will not feel compelled by a giveaway app’s limitations.

We’ll have a full, minute examination of these apps soon, though formed on my brief time these apps, we think that many users will suffer these app’s and entrance to a operative chronicle of Office on their phones.

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