Michelle Obama reveals what was in a Tiffany box Donald and Melania Trump gave her as an coronation gift

January 31, 2018 - photo frame

Michelle Obama Melania TrumpSaul Loeb/Pool Photo around AP

  • Former initial lady Michelle Obama says a present she
    perceived from initial lady Melania Trump was a wrapped picture
  • But after removing a present from her, Obama was unsure
    of what to do with it.
  • A renouned GIF from a coronation shows Obama
    awkwardly perplexing to figure out what to do with a wrapped

Former initial lady Michelle Obama has finally suggested what was in
a blue Tiffany present box she perceived from President Donald
Trump and initial lady Melania Trump during final year’s inauguration.

In a
hide peek
from a former initial lady’s talk with TV
horde Ellen DeGeneres, her initial given relocating out of a White
House, Obama pronounced a incoming initial lady had given her a “lovely
frame” on a stairs of a White House, hours before a official
swearing-in ceremony.

Obama pronounced what looked like a infrequent assembly was actually
delicately crafted and rather ceremonial.

“Well, there’s all this protocol. we mean, this is like a state
visit, so they tell we that ‘you’re going to do this, they’re
going to mount here.’ Never before do we get this gift, so I’m
arrange of like, ‘okay,'” Obama told Ellen.

The sell generated courtesy online for a slight
awkwardness — nonetheless Barack Obama and Donald Trump
had met
 several times after a election, the
coronation assembly was a initial time a dual group had met
together with their wives.


Trump garnered some recoil for apparently abandoning his wife
as she got out of a car. Once everybody was where they indispensable to
be, though, a couples greeted any other with handshakes and
cheek-kisses, yet after removing a wrapped support from Melania,
Michelle seemed uncertain where to put it.

“What am we ostensible to do with this gift?” Michelle recalled
herself thinking. “And everybody privileged out and no one would come
and take a box. And I’m meditative do we take a design with

Thankfully though, a out-going boss swooped in to
assuage a situation.

“And afterwards my father saved a day — see he grabbed a box and
took it behind inside,” Michelle said.

Ellen’s talk with Obama is set to atmosphere Thursday night.

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