Mets respond to Donald Trump Jr. print backlash

February 17, 2018 - photo frame

PORT ST. LUCIE — Infielder Phillip Evans pronounced Saturday he deleted an Instagram design from a team’s shark fishing tour since of recoil he received. Among those in a design was Donald Trump Jr., who happened to be during a beach while a Mets were fishing, according to Evans.

“I didn’t intend it to be any kind of domestic [statement] during all,” Evans said. “I only suspicion it was another man jumping into a photo.”

Matt Harvey and manager Mickey Callaway were also in a photo.

“I was only out there fishing with my teammates and [Trump Jr.] only happened to be there with his family, enjoying a same beach we were,” Evans said. “He was only a normal guy, unresolved out with his family on a beach.”

Callaway pronounced it was no opposite than walking into a grill and encountering somebody already in there.

“There is no approach we can control that,” Callaway said. “I theory we can call a Secret Service and get their report and see if we can report things around it.”

Amed RosarioAP

Bench manager Gary DiSarcina, who will manage a infielders, is tender with what he’s seen of Amed Rosario.

“He was on a margin and holding belligerent balls [Friday] and he immediately held my eye,” DiSarcina said. “That’s what they demeanour like when we consider of a large joining shortstop — an impact player, physique frame, a approach his arm container is, a approach he moves his feet when he fields a belligerent ball, a approach he moves left-to-right. Obviously there’s not a lot of those guys around, so I’m unequivocally vehement to be around him and assistance him out, be a apparatus for him.”

DiSarcina, who was dismissed by a Red Sox as partial of a coaching staff shakeup final offseason, spent his whole personification career with a Angels, where he played underneath Terry Collins in a late 1990s.

The Mets announced that particular diversion tickets for a unchanging deteriorate are accessible by job (718) 507-TIXX or by Opening Day is Mar 29 opposite a Cardinals during Citi Field.

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