Memento 4K Smart Frame creates digital photos demeanour like high-quality prints

October 6, 2015 - photo frame

If we have seen a 4K ultra-high-definition television, afterwards we know a kind of sharp, vivid, and realistic-looking video peculiarity they are means of delivering. Imagine that kind of fortitude though in a digital print frame, and what we get is a Smart Frame from Montreal-based Memento Electronics. Described as a 4K ultra-high-definition print frame, a Memento Smart Frame displays images that demeanour like high-quality prints. The association is now using a Kickstarter campaign, with a 25-inch support starting during $499 and a 35-inch support starting during $650.

The Memento Smart Frame isn’t a initial high-resolution digital frame. There’s a Depict, nonetheless that product hasn’t shipped. And a 4K print isn’t a same as a 4K video. Here, it means a ability to arrangement a 7-megapixel design in a 3:2 aspect ratio (a high-end smartphone camera like a iPhone 6 is means to constraint 8-megapixel images). Memento says a frames implement a exclusive “Print Display 4K” technology, can uncover some-more than a billion colors, and a inner memory can reason adult to 3,000 images. Paired with an iOS or Android app around Wi-Fi, or by a computer, users can supplement or switch photos, make discerning edits, and set parameters (like a generation an design stays on a screen).

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But a Smart Frame has other facilities to assistance raise a design quality. There is an visual sensor that measures a room’s lighting and adjusts liughtness to compare accordingly. For example, photos will seem brighter during a day and in well-lit bedrooms where a design will have to contest with other light. In lower-light settings a support will low a design on a shade to keep it industriously manifest nonetheless not blindingly splendid to confuse from TV observation on another screen. The support can also clarity when to spin off formed on when all a lights in a residence are incited off.

An emanate a Smart Frame tackles is a observation angle. While many digital design frames are best (or only) noticed from directly in front of it, a Memento support can be noticed off-angle, or from a side rather than faced on. This creates it some-more functional, and some-more like art unresolved in a residence or on an bureau wall than a digital snapshot.

As for installation, a support hangs on a wall like any square of framed art, although, since it’s a vast digital frame, you’ll need to use additional caring when putting it up. The tangible distance of a support is incomparable than a arrangement itself, giving a coming of a tangled image. Some people competence not even comprehend it’s a digital support during initial sight. To cover adult unsightly wires, a support comes with a 15-foot, paper-thin energy wire that unrolls and adheres to a wall like tape. The wire can be cut to distance and it is paintable so that it blends in with a wall.

Memento Smart Frame's prosaic energy wire can be embellished over to mix in with a wall.

Memento Smart Frame’s prosaic energy wire can be embellished over to mix in with a wall.

The Smart Frame also supports charcterised GIFs, however, you’ll need to make certain it’s a high-res GIF record or else it’d demeanour terrible. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any support for video. A association deputy told us that examination samples would be accessible soon, suggesting that this support isn’t vaporware and has a aloft possibility of saying a light of day.

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