Meet a American wanderer who has spent a many time in space

October 18, 2015 - photo frame

Astronauts already have such extraordinary jobs, though Scott Kelly’s in sold is substantially a smidge some-more envy-inducing. The stream commander of a International Space Station is spending his 383rd day aboard a ISS during a moment, surpassing associate NASA wanderer Mike Fincke’s record of 382 accumulative days outward a atmosphere. That’s not all, though: given he’s partial of a year-long mission — astronauts typically spend 6 months in low-Earth circuit during many per speed — he’s firm to mangle another record. On Oct 29th, he’ll be celebrating his 216th uninterrupted day aboard a station. That’s a day longer than a record set by Michael López-Alegría, who’s famous for carrying a longest spaceflight of any American given his speed in 2006 to 2007.

Among a systematic experiments Scott is conducting adult there, one uses his possess physique as a subject. See, Scott has an matching twin named Mark, who also used to be astronaut. NASA’s Human Research Program is now monitoring their health to establish a changes a tellurian physique undergoes during prolonged durations in outdoor space. They’re providing a tellurian investigate plan with impertinence swabs, saliva, blood and fecal samples, that are afterwards analyzed by scientists. Scott is slated to come behind home on Mar 3, 2016 after spending a sum of 522 days outward Earth, doing scholarship and holding glorious photos of a world from afar.

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