Medart Gallery celebrates the 50th year in business

May 16, 2018 - photo frame

This year outlines a 50th year of art for Medart Gallery Custom Framing located in Dunkirk Gateway Business Center on Town Center Boulevard in Calvert County.

Medart Gallery is a family-owned and operated business that offers strange oil paintings, singular book prints, complicated art, setting and pottery, glassware, present equipment and more, and provides tradition design framing, print replacement and name art charge services.

The gallery was founded 50 years ago by William and Annamaria Radosevic, who met in Italy and detected they common a common passion for art. The Radosevic’s daughter, Teresa Schrodel, serves as gallery director. Their son, Frank Radosevic, produces a gallery’s tradition design frames.

“When it started in 1968, it was a indiscriminate business importing Italian oil paintings, wholesaling them to art galleries and other support shops that also sole art,” Frank Radosevic said.

“That’s what we did flourishing up,” Schrodel said. “We would go to Italy, squeeze a paintings, come behind and indiscriminate them adult and down a East Coast.”

In 1979, William and Annamaria Radosevic non-stop their initial gallery as a concessionaire for a Army and Air Force Exchange Service on Andrews Air Force Base. Six years later, a Radosevics non-stop a second gallery, their initial in Calvert, during Bright Center West in Owings, and continued to offer art as a sailing concessionaire to troops installations opposite a Washington area.

“The people that ran a concessionaires during Andrews always favourite a mother,” Frank said. “A space became accessible on a [base exchange] complex, so we non-stop adult a emporium there called ‘Anna’s Place’ … my mom did that for years.”

“She had art everywhere,” Schrodel added. “Dad ran a gallery down here. Mom ran a gallery on Andrews.”

In 1992, a Radosevics changed a gallery’s operations from Owings to a sell space in Dunkirk Marketplace, afterwards after relocated a gallery to a stream plcae in Dunkirk Gateway Business Center on Town Center Boulevard.

“The business have been wonderful,” Schrodel said. “They’ve followed us.”

Over a years, Medart’s offerings have grown to embody strange oil paintings, art prints, gallery-wrapped canvases, consecutive art, limited-edition prints, photographs, ceramic baking dishes, pottery, setting from Italy, fused glass, eremite art and Christian gifts, hand-crafted valuables from Penny James Jewelry Company, rite dwindle cases, award cases, processed frames, singular present equipment and more.

From initial conference and element preference by framing delivery, Medart’s tradition design framing services let business showcase their one-of-a-kind works of art, photos, diplomas and certificates, memorabilia, medals, keepsakes, collectibles and other equipment of value.

“If we adore it, support it,” Schrodel said.

The gallery also offers print replacement services, as good as name charge services for art that might be shop-worn or in bad shape.

“We work with a integrate conservators, a paper and a fabric conservator, we move in on sold projects that need their attention,” Frank said.

Throughout a year, Medart will applaud a 50th year in business with a quarterly sketch where entrants will accept a possibility to win a $500 present certificate and a square of Penny James valuables designed by internal artist, Heather Maertens.

“We’re doing one sketch a quarter, and people can enter any quarter,” Schrodel said. “The approach to enter a sketch is to move in canned food equipment that will, in turn, be donated to a Ladies of Charity Food Pantry in North Beach.”

Medart hosted a 50th anniversary jubilee during a gallery in Dunkirk that was approaching to embody gallery founders William and Annamaria Radosevic; Maryland’s initial lady, Yumi Hogan; members of a county’s house of commissioners; and state and internal supervision officials.

For some-more information on Medart Gallery Custom Framing and a offerings, go to a gallery’s website during

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