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February 14, 2017 - photo frame

MACOMB — The McDonough County State’s Attorney’s Office staff done an astonishing find during new renovations.

During a new talk per a restoration of a state’s attorney’s office, State’s Attorney Matt Kwacala displayed a framed imitation of Abraham Lincoln that was presented to a county in 1955 by then-Illinois Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier.

A imitation finish with a Secretary of State’s sign was reportedly given to each county in a state, according to an essay published on Dec. 15, 1955, in a Macomb Journal. The framed imitation was found in a fragment room during a finish of a downstairs gymnasium during a building while state’s profession staff were occupying a room during a renovation. It was not famous how prolonged a sketch had been stored there.

Kwacala pronounced it had been laying on tip of a cabinet. According to a photocopy of a Macomb Journal essay that was trustworthy to a behind of a photo’s support someday before to a discovery, a imitation is deliberate rare. It was done from a disastrous generated by a usually flourishing potion plates done during a time a boss sat for a photo.

A beard-free Lincoln was a Republican hopeful for a presidency during a time of a sitting.

One set of plates for a same picture was found damaged and was given to a Smithsonian Institute. The total set from that a disastrous was done was after found by a private collector.

Kwacala skeleton to find a place of inflection to arrangement a framed photo. The 1955 instruction from a secretary of state done specific orders to arrangement a imitation within a county courthouse.

While a financial value of a imitation of a Great Emancipator with concomitant state sign and support is not known, an online hunt of Carpentier’s name suggested one can find selected postcards temperament a former secretary of state’s correspondence and that of a state Capitol building for as most as $8.45 on eBay.

Carpentier, a Republican, was secretary of state from 1953-1964. He died in 1964 during a age of 67 while using for governor.

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