Man wedged between dual semis walks divided with Band-Aids

January 18, 2015 - photo frame

This isn’t some attempt photo. What we see above is all that remained of Kaleb Whitby’s Chevy Silverado after a 50-car mutilate on icy Interstate 84 outward of Baker City, Oregon, on Saturday. Astoundingly, Kaleb wiggled himself out of a mutilate wanting zero some-more than dual Band Aids and an ice pack. 

The Oregonian tells a tale of how Whitby finished adult in such a parsimonious spot. Rounding an icy, misty curve, Whitby came on a jackknifed almost sprawled opposite a lanes. With no time to react, Whitby strike a trailer, withdrawal him stranded confronting a wrong approach in a center of a interstate. 

Then Whitby saw another almost streamer directly toward him as he sat helpless. “I only braced and hoped that all would be all right,” Whitby told The Oregonian, estimating that about 10 seconds went by before impact.

After impact, Whitby was wedged between his steering mainstay and doorway frame, his lorry dejected in around him, though he was unscathed. 

Truck motorist Sergi Karplyuk’s almost was halted by a dual trucks that pinned Whitby. Karplyuk got out to consult a stage and detected Whitby’s deformed automobile tangled in between. The trucker reliable that Whitby, astonishingly, was unharmed. He asked if he could snap a design of Whitby, capturing a terrifying picture we see above. Then he helped Whitby shun a wreck, and they went to work assisting others held in a pileup.

The dual drivers were lucky. Caught during a tail finish of a outrageous pileup—Oregon State Police Sgt. Kyle Hove told The Oregonian he stopped counting after 50 vehicles—Whitby and Karplyuk were not among a 12 harmed in a crash. There were no fatalities among a 100-plus people involved, Sgt. Hove said.

As for Whitby’s injuries? “I’ve got dual Band-Aids on my right ring finger,” he told a newspaper. “And a small bit of ice on my left eye.”

Head over to The Oregonian for a finish comment of a large pile-up, and even some-more intolerable photos of Whitby’s crash. According to a paper, it was Whitby’s initial automobile accident. Here’s anticipating it’s his last.

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