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November 18, 2014 - photo frame

Tony Smith is regulating some-more than 10,000 miles opposite a nation for self-murder impediment awareness. (WLFI Photo)
Tony Smith is regulating some-more than 10,000 miles opposite a nation for self-murder impediment awareness. (WLFI Photo)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Tony Smith woke adult Monday morning and put on a warmest garments he could find. Being outward in 20 grade continue is something he’s finished a time or two.

“I was a mailman for 12 years,” pronounced Smith. “So, I’m used to being out in a elements. The snow, a heat, a ice. All of it.”

While a heartless elements are zero new to Smith, this tour is. Smith is regulating some-more than 10,000 miles opposite nation and behind to lift recognition about self-murder prevention.

It’s a subject he knows all too well.

“I roughly took my life when we was 13,” pronounced Smith. “My genius during a time was only one of only let one some-more bad thing happen, and afterwards that’s it.”

But instead of giving in to those thoughts, Smith focused that appetite on something positive, running. Now, 20 years later, Smith is regulating that accurate same apparatus in a opposite way.

“I used regulating behind afterwards and we feel like it did save my life,” pronounced Smith. “So, now I’m regulating regulating to assistance others. It’s kind of a neat small thing.”

Smith began his tour in Pulaski, Virginia behind in August. Since then, he’s trafficked some-more than 1,600 miles and done a stop in Lafayette on Monday.

For him, any step is another life remembered.

“What we try to do as most as we can is dedicate any leg any day to a mislaid desired one,” pronounced Smith.

Smith pronounced people write a name of their desired one on his Facebook fan page and he takes it from there.

“I take a design support and with my artistic touch, I’ll write their name in a support and take a design with it wherever we am that sold day and make it special for a family,” pronounced Smith.

Those are a memories Smith pronounced he hopes he can emanate opposite a country.

“What we’re doing is we’re honoring that person’s life,” pronounced Smith. “We’re not honoring how it ended. They merit to be remembered too, only like everybody else.”

Smith hopes to make it to Rensselaer by Tuesday night and Chicago by a finish of a week. His run will take him to San Fransisco, where he’ll spin around and start his tour behind home.

If you’d like to lane Smith’s tour opposite a country, click here.

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