Lyve Home Is an Ambitious though Deeply Flawed Approach to Storing Digital Photos

January 26, 2015 - photo frame

Option three: Lyve Home ($300). This 2-terabyte (TB) chronicle of Studio is means of storing adult to 400,000 5 MB images. It adds a 5-inch tone touchscreen that displays a self-running slideshow, kind of like a digital print support on steroids. It has a USB pier and an SD label slot; block in an outmost storage device, and Lyve will automatically indicate it and upload any images it finds. It has an HDMI-out port, so we can perspective pix on your TV. (It also can bond wirelessly to Vizio Smart TVs, Chromecast, and Apple TV.) Two other family members can also bond to Lyve Home and upload images to their possess private Lyve accounts. It will even let we import photos and videos from Facebook.

(If you’ve got a direct-attached-storage device, such as a Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive, we can also use a giveaway Lyve program to automatically store full-resolution copies of all your photos. But you’ll have to leave a device trustworthy to your mechanism and a Lyve app regulating during all times.) 

It’s a constrained list of facilities and nice-looking hardware. Unfortunately, in this box looks were mostly deceiving. 

Sometimes, Lyve worked unequivocally good — even a bit too well. But my knowledge was injured around by technical glitches and some truly head-smacking, what-were-they-thinking? pattern choices. Here’s my story.

Lyve and let drive

I started by installing giveaway Lyve apps on my MacBook, iPad 2, and Android Nexus 5. No sweat. On a Mac, we simply tell Lyve a folders we wish it to scan. On a phone and tablet, it usually copies anything it finds in a many common print and video record formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, MPEG-4, AVI, etc.). Within about 10 mins we had a library of around 300 images that we could perspective on any of these devices. When we took a new pattern with my phone, a low-res chronicle showed adult on my MacBook and my iPad in reduction than a minute.

Then we commissioned a Lyve Home device on my home network, regulating a touchscreen to record in to Wi-Fi and afterwards in to my Lyve account. It automatically began downloading full-res copies of photos stored on my other devices. So far, so good.

My troubles started when we attempted to block an aged outmost 120 GB tough expostulate into a Lyve Home’s USB port. This expostulate contained information backups from any Windows PC I’ve used given 2000, including many of my digital photos.

It took about 6 tries before Lyve Home would commend a expostulate and start scanning. And afterwards it wouldn’t stop. The shade displays a regulating sum of a files as it imports them; we gave adult examination when a ticker strike 4,000. In a morning, Lyve Home told me it had uploaded 42,350 images.

Oh, my God, we thought. What have we done?

image shows how many files you’ve uploaded, though a numbers mostly don’t compare a ones in Lyve’s apps and storage devices.

When we non-stop a Lyve app on my Mac, it claimed that Lyve had alien a some-more docile 3,200 files, give or take a few. But when we checked Lyve Home’s shade a following day, it now claimed to be storing some 10,283 pictures. WTF?

For reasons unknown, thousands of images stored on a outmost expostulate (and presumably copied to a Lyve Home) never done it to a app. Apparently Lyve encountered some record it couldn’t digest, so it sat there forever nipping on it.

This was usually one instance of a haphazard function Lyve displayed over a subsequent 3 days. we experimented with several ride drives and got identical results: Sometimes a Lyve Home device scanned them; other times it usually sat there. we attempted to bond a device to my Facebook comment around a MyLyve site; this didn’t work during all in Chrome, though it eventually worked in Safari. Still, usually a fragment of my Facebook photos indeed showed up.

I uninstalled a Lyve program from any device, easy a bureau resets in a Lyve Home, and started over. Things went a small some-more smoothly, though not much. we encountered a same shocking mismatch between a series of images Lyve Home pronounced it scanned and a ones we could indeed perspective inside a app. Lyve still acted like a shining though indeterminate artist with a possess rare agenda. 

Lyve giveaway or die

The Lyve app also has some pattern flaws. For example: When we block in an outmost expostulate or sync a mobile device, it automatically uploads all a images on it, including some that we (ahem) competence not wish to safety for posterity.


Better purify those prohibited pix of Marge Simpson off your ride expostulate before we bond it to a Lyve

You can nuke images from Lyve Home though losing a strange copies, though you’ll have to name any one separately. we have thousands of screenshots dating behind to 2002 that we no longer need. If we don’t see me for a few weeks, it’s since I’ll be bustling deletion them.

Once we have thousands of images we indeed want, there’s roughly no approach to conduct them. Aside from imprinting them as “Favorites,” we can’t tab cinema (with, say, #family or #birthday or #selfie) to make them easier to categorize. You also can’t hunt for specific images or perspective them any approach other than chronologically. Want to find that pleasant print of a time your daughter attempted to feed birthday cake to a cat? You’ll have to tediously corkscrew behind to a date it was taken, if we can remember.

The good news is that Lyve is wakeful of many of these deficiencies and is operative to scold them. Next month, a association skeleton to recover new program that will concede we to allot tags to images, and filter them — so we can see usually photos from your daughter’s birthday party, if we like. (You will of march have to manually tab any one first.) You’ll also be means to revise a dates of any pattern to control where they seem in a timeline.

The ability to indicate particular folders on outmost inclination competence come eventually, says association orator Brian Jaquet. In a meantime, you’d do improved duplicating a folders to your mechanism initial and regulating Lyve’s Mac or Windows app to upload them. Support for other online print storage services besides Facebook is also on a horizon, though Jaquet did not offer offer any specifics.

The bad news is that, during press time, Lyve had no reason for a many problems we encountered. (Your mileage competence vary.)

And that’s a shame. Most of us need a repair to a digital print problem, and Lyve Home looked promising. Me, I’d hang with a giveaway Lyve app and wait for a association to refurbish a program a few some-more times before we forsaken any income on Studio or Home. Lyve competence eventually spin out to be a resolution we’re watchful for, though it’s not there yet.

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