Local medicine Eyal Oren’s new book showcases Marblehead

October 27, 2014 - photo frame

Local medicine Eyal Oren's new book showcases Marblehead

Local medicine Eyal Oren’s new book showcases Marblehead

Dr. Eyal Oren, who printed a book of photos he took in Marblehead, snapped this one of a chairman using in a haze during Fort Sewall on Sept. 11, 2013, during 7:06 a.m.

Local medicine Eyal Oren's new book showcases Marblehead

Local medicine Eyal Oren’s new book showcases Marblehead

Eyal Oren, with his daughter, Leila, says Marblehead is “among a many pleasing towns in a world.”

Local medicine Eyal Oren's new book showcases Marblehead

Local medicine Eyal Oren’s new book showcases Marblehead

Eyal Oren/Courtesy photosMarbleheader Eyal Oren took this print looking down Washington Street on Nov. 22, 2011, during 1:35 p.m.

Local medicine Eyal Oren's new book showcases Marblehead

Local medicine Eyal Oren’s new book showcases Marblehead

Eyal Oren/Courtesy photosFoliage in a haze during Seaside Park is one print by Marbleheader Eyal Oren in his book “Wednesdays in Marblehead.”

Posted: Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 10:45 pm

Local medicine Eyal Oren’s new book showcases Marblehead

By Alan Burke Staff Writer

Salem News

MARBLEHEAD — He’s been all over a country, vital in places as far-flung as Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., though Eyal Oren usually wants to take cinema in Marblehead.

Not usually has a photographer found a whole universe in this tiny town, though he’s done it accessible to a rest of a universe in a coffee-table book, “Wednesdays in Marblehead.” Stunning glimpses give readers a city from deteriorate to season, a elements personification on a hilly shoreline, and a splendidly close and ancestral structures. 

Oren is a Marbleheader by choice, carrying arrived in 2008. “I cruise it trumps each city I’ve been in,” he said. “It’s really adult there among a many pleasing towns in a world.”

Born in Israel, where Eyal is a common initial name, he was 5 when his family altered to Los Angeles. He went to Berkeley and afterwards easterly to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Married, he has dual tiny children.

His seductiveness in photography dates from a outing to Israel and a elementary point-and-shoot camera from his parents. 

“I satisfied we favourite sharpened landscapes,” he said. 

He is self-taught, and over time, his cameras grew in sophistication. He now uses a Canon 5D Mark III full-frame digital SLR.

The pretension of his book relates to a four-day schedule, Wednesdays free, during his medical practice, Asthma and Allergy Affiliates in Salem. He satisfied he’d been means a day to take pictures, during initial of North Shore lighthouses or “kids jumping off a pier” in Magnolia. In time, however, he was drawn behind to Marblehead, a city where he can constraint a object rising from a sea and environment over a harbor. 

“I started to find some-more and some-more things to shoot,” he said. The results, collected on his website, drew a following.

With a proceed of a “super moon” in 2011 — an eventuality that occurs once each 18 years, bringing a moon nearer Earth — Oren plotted a best time and best place in that to shoot. He set adult during Chandler Hovey Park underneath storied Marblehead Light.

“As a moon dropped, we kept relocating a tripod,” he said.

And he prisoner an iconic Marblehead vision, a huge universe right where he wanted it, peeking from behind a building of Abbot Hall. “Everybody asks me if it’s Photoshopped,” he said. The un-Photoshopped picture is on a cover of “Wednesdays in Marblehead.”

At first, Oren believed copy a book impractically expensive. Then, someone suggested Kickstarter, an online debate in that people cruise investing in your idea. His repute was such that he eventually collected $19,000, adequate for “a incomparable book than we initial envisioned.”

The images are too most to take in all once. The dome of Grace Community Church peeks over an blast of cherry blossoms, which, in turn, support a ancient headstones of Harris Street Cemetery. The Old Town House during dawn, with sleet and without, looks informed and unknown but cars or people in sight. A black and white tableau depicts a lady jogging a causeway as if chased by a ominous black cloud over her head. 

With a arrange of sorcery usually a camera can give, Oren offers time exposures that reason a land tough and pointy as marble while blurring a sea and a sky into something dreamlike.

Some 1,500 copies including 130 images were printed. Contributors were rewarded with a book and 5-by-7-inch photos.

Since a book was published in August, 750 have already been delivered. The book is also being sole for $39.99 in a accumulation of Marblehead locations. 

Alan Burke can be reached during aburke@salemnews.com.


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Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 10:45 pm.

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