Local business offers ‘selfie’ service

November 18, 2016 - photo frame

LIMA — Taking a “selfie” has turn a widespread materialisation given a appearance of front-facing cameras and amicable media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Many businesses have taken advantage of a selfie craze, formulating inclination such as a selfie stick, where people use an outmost monopod to take photographs over a normal operation of a arm.

Local residents Staci Corsaro and Jordan Sawmiller have also capitalized on this trend with their new business, Peace Love Selfies.

The business started in Oct when a sisters purchased a “selfie station,” that operates in some ways like a normal imitation booth. However, a selfie hire is not singular by a booth, and a photos generated by a appurtenance are means to be common electronically from a device itself.

“It will take selfies that we can imitation on site, or we can send it around text, email, Facebook or Twitter,” Corsaro said. “You do it all right from a machine, so it’s unequivocally cool.”

The selfie hire is a unstable device that looks roughly like an oversized iPhone. On tip of a appurtenance is a high-definition, DSLR camera. A 32-inch, interactive hold shade allows people to see a photos being taken, and a immature shade situated behind a selfie-takers provides an contentment of backgrounds to select from. Corsaro pronounced any credentials can be tradition made, formed on a event.

During a new Disabled Veterans Hunt, that is orderly by Hunting with Heroes, a sisters were means to bucket a group’s trademark onto any photograph.

“My father was like, ‘these are a garland of veterans that are hunting, they don’t wish to take selfies,’” Corsaro said, “but you’d be vacant during how many of them desired it.

“I consider it draws out that fad a lot of people don’t get in bland life.”

Corsaro pronounced this is a interest of a selfie hire — bringing out a middle child in all of us.

“It gives we that notation to be someone you’re not normally,” she said. “I demeanour during someone who is on a true and slight — they get in there for a notation and do something goofy, so it’s only fun.”

Corsaro pronounced a selfie hire is ideal for weddings, propagandize events, parties, corporate functions, reunions, festivals and more. The cost to lease a selfie hire is $150 per hour, that includes additional prints of any imitation for a horde or hostess. Also enclosed in a cost is an on-site attendant, present prints, an online imitation album, props and a customized imitation frame.

Though Peace Love Selfies is a business, Corsaro pronounced creation income isn’t their categorical goal.

“I’m not doing this to try and get rich,” she said. “It’s some-more about creation people happy.”

By John Bush

[email protected]

Peace Love Selfies:

Location: Lima area

Phone: 419-236-3894 or 419-204-2792

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/peaceloveselfies

Reach John Bush during 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @bush_lima

Reach John Bush during 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @bush_lima

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