Lively Lets You Trim Your iPhone’s Live Photos, Pick Your Best Shot From The Video

December 18, 2015 - photo frame

Since a entrance of a iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, that introduced support for a new, charcterised form of print called Live Photos, a series of apps have launched to assistance iPhone owners do some-more with those moving images, including branch them into GIFs, save storage space by deletion a Live Photos and more. Now one of a initial movers in this space, Lively, has rolled out a integrate of important facilities that extend what we can do with Live Photos. The app now allows we to trim your clips and even obstacle a best still support from a video.

In box we missed it earlier, the app initial debuted this fall, shortly after a recover of a new iPhones, charity users a approach to spin Live Photos into GIFs. Other apps offer a identical feature, like Live GIF, for example.

These apps are useful during benefaction since Apple doesn’t nonetheless support a ability to post your Live Photos to amicable media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or in present messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. This is commencement to change, however, as Tumblr combined support for Live Photos this month. For a time being though, if we wish to share your Live Photos some-more broadly, we have to initial modify them to GIFs – and that’s what Lively does.


In a latest release, Lively has softened on this routine as it lets we trim a video partial of your Live Photo before exporting it to a GIF. That means we can cut out a partial where a iPhone has prisoner we lifting your phone or putting it down, that had been a sold distrurbance adult until the recover of iOS 9.1 when iOS began to clarity if a phone was lifted or lowered so it would not record those moments. Still, there are comparison images that need trimming, and there are times when we usually wish to shave a video.

While a app developer, Jason Dinh of Tiny Whale, says that pleat is a many important of a new features in Lively 2.0, we privately find that a ability to collect a support from a video partial of a Live Photo is indeed a best of a new additions. This is quite useful when you’ve been perplexing to squeeze a shot of a wiggly child or pet or some other movement shot – often, the best print wasn’t a still picture that iOS captured, though one that can be extracted from a video section.

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There are a integrate of apps that let we lift stills from videos, like Vhoto (now shut down) and Stillshot (abandoned), though they don’t support Live Photos. That creates this feature a acquire addition.

Other improvements in a recent release embody a ability to lift Live Photos from other albums besides a Camera Roll; GIF era and playback optimization, support for improved sharing, including posting directly to Twitter and Tumblr; localization; and accessibility support.

The app also supports a ability to make short, looping GIFs like Instagram’s Boomerang app, a developer also notes. The disproportion is that Boomerang requires we to use a app to record your shot, though Lively lets we make this revise after a fact.

A final tweak in a updated chronicle is that Lively no longer asks we to squeeze a app after 3 exports – going forward, you can use it for giveaway indefinitely, and usually compensate if we wish to mislay a watermark that now appears on a photos.

Jason tells TechCrunch that in-app squeeze rate was around 10 percent before, that was unequivocally good. “But that means 90% of a users couldn’t use a app during all after 3 exports. We would like those users to keep regulating a app, maybe it will work out in a prolonged run,” he says.

Lively is a giveaway download on iTunes.

Featured Image: lively

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