Lions rookie CB Diggs’ family ties kept him sharp

December 20, 2015 - photo frame

Allen Park — Lions manager Jim Caldwell frequency offers personal stories about his players, yet he common one about cornerback Quandre Diggs on Saturday to explain given a rookie has had success adjusting fast to a NFL.

Growing up, Caldwell explained, Diggs always had people throwing footballs during him, so that “always kind of kept him on his toes.”

According to Diggs, a Lions’ primary nickel cornerback a past month with Josh Wilson on harmed reserve, some of those gullible footballs came from his father.

“My dad, as shortly as he got off work,” Diggs said, “we had a small cavalcade we would do. … I’ll be using from a side of a residence and he’ll be behind a residence and usually throwing a football. and we wouldn’t know where it was coming. So, that kind of helped me with my throwing ability and things like that.”

“If we locate it, we locate it, and if we don’t, you’re going to be strike in a face. It was usually one of those things. That kind of burnished off on me and done football critical to me.”

Diggs also had area friends in Angleton, Texas — about 45 miles south of Houston — reminding him of a significance of football.

Even yet Diggs lived in “not a nicest part” of town, people mostly looked out for him given he was a younger hermit of NFL cornerback Quentin Jammer. Some of those guys got into trouble, he said, yet they’d still chuck a football to him in a streets.

“Each and each day we would be outward using routes, doing things to try to embrace a guys we see on TV and things like that,” he said. “That really helped me, and I’ll never forget where we came from usually given of that. A lot of those guys that did that and did things like that, they’re substantially in jail still or something like that so we always give credit to those guys also.

“I could always contend a hood had my behind all a time.”

Diggs, 22, also had copiousness of proclivity from his brother, who’s 36. Jammer was earthy cornerback, and when asked given he excels in a run game, Diggs remarkable that his hermit did, too.

“I’m not going to be a soothing one in a family,” he said.

The 5-foot-9 Diggs also pronounced he wanted to obey hard-hitting reserve Sean Taylor.

And now that he’s in a NFL, Diggs is starting to uncover that everyone’s assistance flourishing adult paid off as he’s consistently done plays given earning a bigger role. But, he hasn’t had many chances to showcase his hands as his usually interception this year was nullified by a Lions penalty. His 6-foot brother, duration had 21 picks in 12 seasons.

“I got a best hands, easily,” Diggs said. “I consider we have a improved football IQ. He was sanctified with a size. we was sanctified with all else.”

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