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November 18, 2017 - photo frame

After 15 years, Get a Picture co-owner Andy Langlois has grown a niche in a framing world

Andy Langlois is ardent about design frames. After years exploring a framing industry, removing his start during a qualification store and afterwards relocating on to work in an eccentric framing shop, he motionless a customarily approach adult was to open his possess place.

Langlois non-stop Get a Picture in Mar of 2002 with his business partner and husband, Mike Labbe.

As co-owners, Langlois and Labbe minister to a tradition framing emporium in opposite ways. Langlois works with customers, designs and constructs frames, and manages a business. Labbe, who works full time as a IT executive of an word company, helps with bookkeeping.

While Get a Picture has always called Lincoln home, a emporium changed to a plcae during 893 Smithfield Ave. in Mar 2016. 

In an interview, Langlois, of Scituate, discussed his knowledge as a co-owner of a tiny business in Rhode Island. Here are some excerpts.

How is your business opposite from identical businesses around you?

We’re a support emporium only like anyone else, though we are unequivocally active with a framers’ organization. There’s a framers’ classification called a PPSA, a Professional Picture Framers Association and we’ve belonged to a New England section given 2004. Through a organization, we took a exam for and was postulated a nomination of approved design framer. we keep that in good station and refurbish it each dual to 3 years. That I’m a approved design framer gives people a clarity that a chairman that they’re bringing their art to knows what he’s doing.

How has business evolved?

I consider with any business we try a series of things to set yourself apart. We’ve attempted countless things to see what works for us. We attempted print frames though that didn’t unequivocally work good for us. We’ve always had a sincerely tiny plcae and to unequivocally attain in offered print frames we have to deposit a extensive volume of your genuine estate into that display. It wasn’t something that we was looking to persevere a outrageous volume of space to, and we were within a stone’s chuck of places like CVS or a Dollar Store, that sell unequivocally inexpensive print frames.

One thing we did supplement that continues to do unequivocally good for us is digital print restoration. If someone has a print that’s been shop-worn they can pierce it in to us, we’ll indicate it, and we’ll get a print spotless adult and reprint it. And it’s good since customarily when someone gets something restored, they wish to support it, so it feeds behind into a categorical service.

How most income is a business making?

Financially, a business is doing well. we consider it’s one of those things where we could always be doing better, though we are in a position where a business binds a own. It’s finished unequivocally well. The fact of a matter is a mercantile meridian has not been spectacular. we consider a fact that we’re still here, 15 years later, shows that a business is doing itself.

What are some of a hurdles you’ve faced?

Personally, a new pierce felt like a prolonged time coming. We kind of outgrew a strange space. We were in a unequivocally bustling support plaza, all of a units were filled, though a problem was that we were set behind a bit from a categorical road. Our piazza was behind another building, so unless we knew accurately where we were it was unequivocally easy to go right past us. That was a outrageous stumbling block. The piazza was also being purchased by Cumberland Farms. In a final year, when it looked like it was starting to strech a finish game, we said, “OK, it’s now or never.”

Industry-wise, there are a series of factors. I’m not going to contend it’s impossible, though unfortunately, a attention is unequivocally most a luxury. It’s also one of those things where there’s a ton of us out there. When we are in an attention where you’re competing with a big-box stores that are constantly promotion outrageous discounts, that can infrequently deface a sense an normal chairman competence have about eccentric stores like myself. You can go to these big-box stores with a 60-percent off banking and be told that your square is going to be $350 after a discount. Your initial suspicion is going to be, “Well I’m blissful we didn’t go to Get a Picture. They’re not using a 60-percent off sale. I’m saving so most more.”

I’m mostly around that same $350 or reduction though discounts. we try to offer a top-notch object for a cost that is fair, and we need to get people in here to see what we can do for them though personification that cost game.

What do we need to grow and attain in light of challenges?

I consider it’s critical to offer something that you’re not going to get everywhere. Most of a qualification and big-box stores out there have a unequivocally singular preference to select from. we have anywhere from 3,500 to 4,000 support options people can select from. When we initial non-stop in 2002, there were 60 to 70 support shops in Rhode Island. That’s all from eccentric shops like cave to a big-box stores. When we have that many support shops in such a singular geographic area like Rhode Island, we have to have something that puts we apart. That’s what we’ve done. I’ve handpicked all we put on a wall. we work with several companies; I’ve picked a best of what they’ve got. Having a good preference is indispensable to set we apart.

What are your goals?

I wish that a pierce to a new plcae creates us a lot some-more manifest and that it gives me what we need to mangle out from where I’ve been. We’ve finished good for 15 years, though we wish to see my business explode. we wish to get to a indicate where we can say, “All right, we need to sinecure 3 or 4 people to assistance me since I’ve got so most business.” We have had a lot of business over a years, though I’m a unequivocally focused chairman and we like to do all on my own, so it hasn’t impressed me. we wish to be overwhelmed. we wish to get a indicate where we have to say, “I can’t do it all on my possess anymore.”

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