Life’s Greatest Blessing

September 22, 2014 - photo frame

A while behind a crony gave me a print support that says “Family” on it, and afterwards a judgment “the love of a family is life’s biggest blessing“. we have a design in it of my mom, step-dad, my sibs and all of a children during a time. There are 18 people in a print and it is one of a final ones where this many of us were all together, substantially taken about 15 years ago. We are seated on a large stone adult north by a lake and everybody looks sun-pinked, wind-blown and happy.

At this indicate in time, we are sparse around a nation from Arizona to New York, Florida to Wisconsin, and several places in between. The chances of everybody being together during one time and place are flattering slim. So we value that design even yet it is a small dated.

This past week, we mislaid a male who was a second father to me. He and his mother were tighten friends with my relatives given their college days. They had 3 sons and there were 4 of us. Our families vacationed together in a north woods for years, spent New Year’s Day during any other’s homes, and always had a good family time together. He was an consecrated Methodist apportion and achieved a matrimony ceremonies for me and my siblings. When my father died unexpectedly, he and his mother journeyed 1300 miles to be with us.

I have happier memories of acorn fights in their garage loft, crazy stunts on H2O skis, stupid childhood jokes, dug-out trips, removing insane during any other and arguing like “real” siblings. Our loyalty has remained tighten over a years and even yet we don’t see any other scarcely as mostly as we used to, we cruise his sons to be “brothers” to me. They are partial of my family and families are not indispensably blood-related to any other.

Families can infrequently be a churned blessing, though if we have been sanctified with a “pretty good one”, that is as good as it gets. You know that when pull comes to shove, they are on your side. They will do what they can for we and glory in your successes and console we in your failures.

The print support doesn’t contend that “always doing a right thing” is a blessing or “never unsatisfactory any other” is a blessing or “never carrying a cranky word” is a blessing. It only says LOVE is a blessing. If we have that, afterwards we are truly blessed. By that clarification of family, blood has positively zero to do with it.


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