Level Frames launches AI print filters so we can be artsy IRL

November 26, 2016 - photo frame

Prisma has done utterly an sense on a tech world, and Level Frames is looking to gain on a trend.

The YC-backed company, that offers tradition framing of earthy design around an easy-to-use website, has grown a possess AI print filters for Level users.

Level works by vouchsafing users upload their posters, art, or even their digital photos, and select a frame, matting, etc. that looks best with a piece. The website allows users to see what their art would demeanour like in several options to make a best choice.

Founder and CEO Josh Hubbal pronounced that Level beheld an uptick in a volume of Prisma-style photos going by a platform, and motionless to emanate their possess filters for their users.

Using Level’s AI filters, users can upload photos from mixed sources (Facebook, Dropbox, Camera Roll), and Level offers a higher-quality fortitude for a print than users would get going by a third-party app like Prisma. Plus, users can stand a print for opposite aspect ratios over a square, and get prints adult to 36 x 36 inches.

  1. level-ai-artistic-styles

  2. palm-trees-impressionist

  3. level-framing-ai-photo-filters

  4. level-ai-filters-stained-glass-2×1

Since launching in Feb of 2015, Level has left on to launch their possess frames, as good as a “Buy It Framed” symbol for artists and other ecommerce platforms where art/posters are sold.

The association says it has grown 15 percent month over month over a past year, and that it skeleton to strech profitability by early subsequent year.

You can check out Level Frames for yourself right here.

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