On Apr 13, Los Angeles Lakers good Kobe Bryant will take a justice for a final diversion of his NBA career. The 37-year-old guard, comparison in a initial turn of a 1996 breeze out of high school, is finishing adult his 20th deteriorate in L.A. — a record for a many years played with a singular team.

TIME asked sports photography professionals to select one support from Bryant’s career, that spanned over 1,300 unchanging deteriorate games, 33,583 points — good for third all-time — and 5 Lakers championships.

Manny Millan, Sports Illustrated, Photographer

Kobe Bryant acted a same problem for photographers that Michael Jordan did: Do not try to support him too firmly since he would literally jump out of your image! [My] print taken during a 2002 All-Star diversion demonstrates his implausible leaping ability. He is conduct and shoulders above his associate all-stars…Kobe frequency unsuccessful to stir us with his implausible athleticism termite talent diversion after game!

Andrew Bernstein, Los Angeles Lakers, Team Photographer

I’ve had a good happening as Lakers group photographer to have photographed roughly any poignant impulse in Kobe Bryant’s 20 year NBA career. During a 2009-10 deteriorate we trafficked extensively with a group that resulted in some special behind-the-scenes moments. [My] print was shot in a locker room during Madison Square Garden about an hour or so before diversion time. The Lakers were on a prolonged easterly seashore outing and had usually played a night before in Cleveland, where Kobe scored 31 points in 40 minutes. He was kick adult during that indicate in a season—broken finger, ankles hurting, etc. This print sums adult a implausible will we have witnessed in Kobe any night. we have never seen an contestant so dynamic and focused. He came out and played 42 mins and forsaken 27 points on a Knicks in a Lakers feat that night.

Wally Skalij, The Los Angeles Times, Staff Photographer

Picking a favorite sketch of Kobe is a formidable task, generally covering him for a past 20 years. The one thing that we did notice in many of a photos is his intensity. The fierce, rival corner that brought him to 7 NBA Finals and 5 championships. The one thing that stands out glaringly is his face as he walks from a locker room to a corridor before holding a justice with his teammates, though a design that speaks to me is his celebration. That one impulse where he releases all that fierceness, anger, dedication, concentration and a many hours in a basketball gym in one moment. we picked this print of him a impulse he won a NBA championship opposite a Magic since it relates to what he is experiencing this year. A weight has carried off his shoulders and now we see a totally opposite face.

Walter Iooss, Sports Illustrated, Photographer

We were doing a fire for Adidas, that always meant a good day with a lot of time and options. They brought in a car, that was unequivocally too tiny for Kobe, though he always knew how to pose, and always had a clarity for what what we indispensable in a photograph. He done my life as a photographer easy.

Harry How, Getty Images, Staff Photographer

This images stands out to me since a Laker diversion is as many a sporting eventuality as it is a philharmonic of court-side stars. You’ll mostly see large name celebrities sitting justice side during a large Lakers games and many have upheld Kobe via his career. It’s singular to see Kobe applaud with an particular fan during a large playoff diversion though here luminary and competition hit as usually Kobe could get Justin Timberlake into a locus and out of his chair to hearten Kobe’s 4th entertain basket in playoff diversion seven. This is a classical LA impulse to me.

Brad Smith, former Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated

Kobe Bryant is a jerk. Just like Michael Jordan was, and Larry Bird. And that attitude, that rival turn he has is what gathering him to be one of a biggest players in NBA history. The expostulate to make his teammates better, to make them be as good as he is, to caring as many as he does. It showed in any diversion he played, any indicate he scored, and in any of a 5 universe championship rings he has. If we wish to win, infrequently we need a jerk on your team.

Mark J. Terrill, Associated Press – Los Angeles, Staff Photographer

This picture was taken on Sunday, Apr 22, 2012 during a second overtime between a Lakers and Thunder in their final home diversion of a season. As if a double overtime wasn’t enough, there had been a lot of play in this diversion that saw Metta World Peace ejected for knocking a Thunder’s James Harden to a building during a jubilee and a Lakers redeem from an 18 indicate necessity in a second half to come behind and win 114-106. At a impulse this picture was taken, a time was circuitous down to a final few seconds and Kobe walked toward me with a blood mark on his jersey and done this huge lions’s roar. we consider that Kobe was finally means to recover all of a tragedy that had built adult from such an romantic game. we have seen a lot of opposite kinds of emotions from Kobe in a 19 years that we have been covering his games, though this one is a many abdominal and memorable.

Chelsea Matiash is TIME’s Deputy Multimedia Editor. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @cmatiash.