Kim Kardashian Vs Miley Cyrus: Whose Full Frontal ‘Paper’ Magazine Pics Are …

June 9, 2015 - photo frame

Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian both left NOTHING to a imagination in their particular ‘Paper’ Magazine print shoots. Both ladies acted totally naked, yet whose pics do we guys like best? Vote here!

When Miley Cyrus’, 22, bare shots for Paper Magazine were expelled on Jun 9, we couldn’t assistance yet immediately consider of Kim Kardashian’s, 34, possess bare fire for a mag in 2014. But while they both seem naked, Kim and Miley’s pics couldn’t be some-more opposite artistically. So, whose do we like better?

In her photos, for Paper’s Summer 2015 issue, Miley appears with paint dirty on her body, including over her boobs and pubic hair. She also gives viewers a closeup of her breasts, posing for a one with zero covering adult her boobs during all, so her girls are front and core of a frame.

The “Wrecking Ball” thespian also creates certain to uncover off her flexibility, positioning herself in a physique overpass while totally naked. Oh, and she’s also doused in gray paint and has beads unresolved off her pubic hair in some of the other photos. There was really some vital creativity behind this one!

Not to be outdone, though, Kim brought her A-game for a magazine’s Winter 2014 issue, as well. She also poses full-frontal, with her physique slicked down in oil to give it a beautiful glow. And let’s not forget her ability to balance a potion of champagne on her barbarous backside, of course!

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The categorical concentration of a existence star’s shoot, though, was her derriere, as she faced away from a camera with her oiled-up boundary holding over a print support in another pic. The photos were meant to ‘break a Internet,’ and between Kim and Miley, it’s protected to contend they really came flattering close!

But let’s get down to a genuine doubt here: Whose pics are better?! It’s flattering tough to decide…both ladies demeanour flattering incredibly! So, we need to know what we think, HollywoodLifers: Do we like Kim or Miley’s better? Leave us a criticism next with all your thoughts, and make certain to opinion in a poll!

— Alyssa Norwin