Keepin’ Love Alive: The corridor of happiness

December 3, 2017 - photo frame

Still looking for that ideal Christmas gift? we examination an essay this week that usually competence help.

Researchers interviewed people who reported to be happy and investigated how their homes were decorated. While they found many common trends, a one that stands out many to me was a flashy hallway. Happy homes were some-more expected to have walls flashy with cinema of certain family memories.

While many homes have staged family photos, maybe taken during your internal dialect store while everybody is dressed and posed, these homes also had fun cinema of pointless events. It was these cinema that participants reported brought a many joy.

When study happy couples, we know that one ability they master is gripping steer of a positive. While good and bad competence both exist in their relationship, they tend to concentration some-more on, and plead some-more often, a good events and times. And cinema offer an glorious sign to do usually that.

It seems a present of a flashy corridor is easier to give now some-more than ever. With each cellphone carrying a camera, it’s easier than ever to take photos of fun, pointless events. And with present cinema and a undo option, we can take as many as we wish for giveaway and with no risk. All it takes is a pull of a button.

With a ability to send photos from your phone right to a store for low-cost printing, and a cost of imitation printers for a home are cheaper than ever while aloft in quality, a flashy corridor becomes even easier to establish.

Wouldn’t it be a good present to give an dull imitation support that binds mixed cinema and a imitation printer? Or a present label to imitation photos for free? Then via 2018, extemporaneous events can be available and displayed to assistance keep a certain memories alive. What a good approach to keep steer of a positive.

Additionally, if you’re like me, you’ve already taken thousands of cinema this year. Most, unfortunately, will automatically be uploaded off my phone, lost about and never seen again.

What a rubbish of potential. Perhaps it would be improved to take some time this month, examination those photos, imitation a best of a best and support your favorite memories from 2017. What a good present and overwhelming approach to keep steer of a positive. What a good Christmas tradition to start this year.

While a beliefs that keep adore alive, such as gripping steer of a positive, have and will always work, new ways to demonstrate those beliefs make keepin’ adore alive even easier. Generations ago, abounding families collected together to have their family photos painted. It was a prolonged and costly routine though a usually option. Now people take and post cinema so simply that it can roughly be annoying.

Yet here’s where new opportunities to keep adore alive also exist. A discerning selfie as a integrate when you’re out on a special date or during a concert. Catching your associate soaking your automobile for you. A impulse together personification during a park. That fun date to a entertainment park. All it takes is a click of a symbol and a printer to assistance keep adore alive.

The possibilities to make a corridor of complacency are easier now than ever. And some-more cost effective than ever. All we need to do is change a meditative a bit and a walls turn a board of opportunity.

So snap, save and imitation to assistance keep adore alive. It’s a fun investment that lasts a lifetime, and in a house, one of my favorite places to visit.

Want to win a fun “Love” three-photo design support to supplement to your wall? Visit me during keepin’ adore alive on Facebook to see how.

For some-more tips on gripping your adore alive, revisit

Remember, integrate relations are easier than we think, though harder than we act.

Mark Anderson is a mental health therapist specializing in couples therapy. He is in private use in Scottsbluff during Oregon Trail Mental Health. He can be reached during 635-2800 or online during

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