Jessa Duggar’s Sweet Gesture to a Fan Shows What Kind of Wife She’ll Be

September 25, 2014 - photo frame

Jessa Duggar, Ben SeewaldOne of a favorite things about a Duggar family is only how unsentimental they honestly seem to be. These existence stars have seen their celebrity raze in new years interjection to their strike TLC uncover 19 Kids Counting, nonetheless they haven’t let that impact their core values.

Take Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar‘s weddings. Jill’s was final June, and even nonetheless a thousand of her closest desired ones attended, they did it on a budget. Jessa is marrying her sweetie Ben Seewald in only over a month, and a lovebirds are formulation to reuse Jill and Derick Dillard‘s decorations so they can save income for a honeymoon. And judging from a sweet note she sent to one fan, Jessa is going to make one really courteous wife.

Have we mentioned nonetheless how most we adore that a Duggar kids haven’t let celebrity go to their heads, and sojourn reasonable and demure tellurian beings? Speaking of those weddings, Jill and Jessa’s marriage registries were similar and refreshingly practical. 

They were also both published online, that means technically anyone can send them a gift. One fan indeed did, and she got a warn of her life when Jessa wrote her a handwritten appreciate we note in gratitude.

Deanna Skoglund told E! News that she follows Jessa on Instagram, and after saying that “they were induction in one of her photos,” she motionless to send them a small something off their list — a print support they had purebred for.

“I’m a outrageous fan of a Duggars! I’ve been examination their uncover for years!” Skoglund explained. “It’s been smashing to see such a Godly and pleasing family grow as most as they have!”

She pronounced she sent a note with a frame, nonetheless never approaching to get anything back, let alone a personalized appreciate we card.

“I left a note to let them know I’m such a fan of a uncover and am so happy for them,” she said. “I was totally not awaiting anything in lapse so we was repelled when we saw a handwritten appreciate we note from Jessa herself!”

The note referenced a “beautiful ‘love’ print frame,” and thanked Deanna for investing into their lives and destiny together. Jessa sealed it, “Love, Ben Jessa,” and referenced Ephesians 2:8-9, that reads, “For by beauty we have been saved by faith. And this is not your possess doing; it is a present of God,not a outcome of works, so that no one might boast.”

Deanna gushed, “I have been smiling given we got it. Seriously, so honeyed of her to respond so courteously to a fan … we adore that a note was handwritten from Jessa herself and addressed to me personally! Such a special thing for her to do. The Duggars are such good people!”

Totally awesome. It was such honeyed and courteous thing for Jessa to do, and only shows what good mother element she is. A male needs to feel appreciated when he does something special for his gal, and it looks like Jessa has a genuine thankfulness thing down pat.

Are we astounded Jessa wrote a appreciate we note to a fan who sent her a present off her registry?


Image around Jessa Duggar/Instagram

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