Jennings keeps emotions in check, focuses on winning

January 18, 2015 - photo frame

— Having been knocked down in a earthy diversion that was trending toward football territory, Brandon Jennings bearing all of his 175-pound support into Pacers ensure C.J. Watson, who was dribbling upcourt.

An apparent tainted in a third entertain when a Pistons were trailing by nine, Pistons manager Stan Van Gundy done a outspoken stipulation to Jennings that could be listened all a approach by Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.

“I pronounced prosaic out, ‘Do we need to take we out?’ ” Van Gundy pronounced to his hot, emotionally charged guard.

Jennings was some-more than a small perturbed, that wasn’t helped by a snickering and shouting by a Indiana Pacers sideline, as many sensed Jennings was on a verge of some kind of breakdown.

“I only wanted to make certain he was OK,” Van Gundy said. “Sometimes he can get a small romantic during times. Sometimes it’s unequivocally good. we only wanted to make certain that he wasn’t removing out of control.”

What ensued was another Jennings third-quarter breakthrough, as he began his assault on Watson and a rest of a Pacers with a fusillade of 3-pointers, including a four-point play where Watson strike him on a arm — a 19-point entertain that brought a Pistons back, heading to their last-second feat on Andre Drummond’s tip-in with 0.3 seconds left.

After his final triple of a quarter, Jennings shot a few difference to a players on a Pacers dais — an eerily still one that time around.

“He was only dismissed up. Obviously we desired a approach he was playing,” Van Gundy said. “He went after it. We’ve had other times where that wasn’t a case.”

Jennings wouldn’t contend it, though any actor as prohibited as Jennings has been would wish a small longer control from his coach. There was no approach Van Gundy could know Jennings was on a approach to another explosion, a 37-point night that bearing him into a Player of a Week review — though Jennings knew he had to keep his emotions from overflowing.

“I consider I’m some-more (mature) now to comprehend it’s not about perplexing to uncover adult a man or surpass him,” Jennings said. “It’s about removing your group going. When we was younger, yeah we would be, ‘alright, he’s perplexing to go during me so we gotta get him now.’ Now it’s about removing a win.”

That night, removing a win and being ultra-aggressive went hand-in-hand — that started out being a box Saturday, as Jennings strike his initial 3 shots to get a Pistons to a 15-4 start opposite a 76ers.

“Even if I’m assertive and guys are open, we still gotta pass,” Jennings said. “I still gotta play a diversion of basketball.”

Due to a hazard of Jennings severe a defense, it authorised Kyle Singler to slip baseline as Jennings found him with a nifty pass for a layup — removing Singler going for a 20-point outing.

“I know how to change it now. we know I’ll have a round in my hands a lot, we don’t have to go for it, all in one bunch.”

That initial entertain emptied Jennings’ appetite tank, as he confessed to Van Gundy that he was sleepy — and meaningful that, didn’t try to force a movement Saturday, calm with environment adult his teammates and regulating a appetite he had remaining on fortifying 76ers ensure Michael Carter-Williams.

“I’ve never been this consistent. we might’ve had 4-5 games in a quarrel though given December…” he said. “I’ve been personification with a giveaway mind. I’m not even meditative about it. I’m only playing.”

Pistons during Hawks

Tipoff: today, 2:30, Philips Arena, Atlanta


Outlook: Since their 15-6 start, a Hawks have left 26-2, earning a best record in a East. … The Pistons are one diversion out of a eighth mark in a Eastern Conference playoff race.

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