Jason Fenmore Wins Nov Photo Challenge

December 2, 2016 - photo frame

What got we into roller photography?

I started bodyboarding during a really immature age and was around shorebreak many of my life. Photography became a large partial of my life as we began my career as a DJ photographer and as we acquired some-more gear, we began sharpened my friends bodyboarding and surfing as well. we fast fell in adore with call and roller photography, as it became a shun from my responsibilities and authorised me to use my camera though discipline or expectations, only plain and elementary fun.

How did that sold picture come about?
This picture happened on a pointless late morning while out with my blossom Zac Milan. There wasn’t many swell, and a waves was kind of wonky, though we motionless to float out anyways. After about an hour or watchful a tiny beat came by and a backwash slapped ideally with a incoming wave. What we see was a result. 

What was a many severe thing about capturing that image?
The many severe partial about this picture is combination and your position. So mostly these waves tend to rebound out of support or out of focus. The other onslaught is being positioned right, removing a call to pass right by we as against to being too distant inside or outside. 

The many rewarding?
The many rewarding thing about an picture for me privately is abounding sorcery hour colors, no suit blur, pointy concentration and no need to counterpart stamp (laughs).

What are your goals with roller photography?
My goals are to have as many fun as probable with my friends. Making some income would be cold too.

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