‘Japan in a Photo Frame’ by Sandun

December 11, 2016 - photo frame

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka

Renowned photographer Sandun Gamage will reason his initial detailed Exhibition on ‘Japan’, ‘Japan in a Photo Frame’ on Dec 16, 17 and 18 during a J. R. Jayawardene Centre, Colombo 7.

The muster ‘Japan in a Photo Frame’, orderly by Nicey International along with  Japanese formed Telka Extea and Nicely Travel, will underline some of a tip cinema on Japanese traditions and culture, their renouned tourism locations and about a complicated city life of a Japanese people taken by Sandun after an endless travelling in Japan.

This is his fifth detailed muster and a really initial about Japan by a Sri Lankan photographer. He has hold a integrate of exhibitions in Sri Lanka, Australia and in Italy during a past few years.

Apart from a Exhibition, a normal Japanese Tea Serving Ceremony, Sushi Serving ceremony, Kimono Fashion session, Bonsai and Origami festival and normal Japanese pitter-patter event will also be on cards. The finalist of Miss Universe Japan and a leader of Miss Sake Competition Miss Mai Morita will be a arch Guests during this Japanese Festival.

Over a years, Sandun has pioneered change and remade a area of photography in different spheres such as weddings, fashion, tourism, interior pattern and even luminary profiles.

However, Sandun’s recognition among his Sri Lankan fan following is all interjection to his marriage photography, that have prisoner a hint and beauty of matrimony, time after time.

Known for his ‘out of a box’ meditative when he gets behind a camera, Sandun has combined a benchmark for photography. His photographs have gay many, including renouned celebrities and socialites who have a perceptive ambience for artistic photographs.

For over dual decades, Sandun has also combined ripples with his photography, where his photographs have graced a cover of a Sandella publication of a Sunday Lankadeepa, continuously, each week. He also dabbles with a bit of writing, freelancing as underline author for a paper.



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