Is This Real Estate Photo Illegal False Advertising?

February 16, 2016 - photo frame


An Australian genuine estate association is in prohibited H2O this week after it was detected that one of a inventory photographs isn’t an accurate depiction of what a skill is like. But even yet a print looks like it was manipulated with Photoshop, it might have been a crafty combination that uses a far-reaching angle lens and a wily perspective. reports that a print above is what a genuine estate hulk Ray White listed for a 3-bedroom section home in a Penshurst suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Looks flattering nice, right? Well, this is what a accurate same skill looks like when noticed in Google Street View:


Yeah, that’s a enormous H2O building dwarfing a home and winning a credentials when observation a residence from a street. You can demeanour around for yourself:

“The photos in doubt were not taken by a Ray White engaged photographer, though were instead granted by a owners from a prior selling debate with another agent,” a Ray White mouthpiece tells “Despite this, it would seem from a possess investigations that a photos have not been photoshopped and are instead simply taken from an angle from that a residence obscures a H2O tank.”

In other words, a photographer used a far-reaching angle lens and got adult tighten and low in sequence to sketch a residence from an angle that totally obscures a H2O tower.

When a residence was final sole in 2010, a photographer used an angle that left out many (but not all) of a H2O tower.

When a residence was final sole in 2010, a photographer used an angle that left out many (but not all) of a H2O tower.

Even so, some are arguing that this form of photography pretence is reprobate and should be deliberate illegal.

“This kind of poise falls underneath a extended powerful that is a Australian Consumer Law. That states that a product can't be inappropriately skewed in promotion material,” Real Estate Institute of Australia President Neville Sanders tells “Whilst it might seem that a far-reaching angle lens has been used as good as a sold angle, does it truthfully uncover what a ubiquitous open would see if they incited adult out a front?”

While this is an impassioned box of regulating photography techniques to “enhance” genuine estate photos, identical subtler techniques are widely used — things like regulating wider lenses for creation a bedrooms of a residence demeanour bigger than they are, or boosting bearing values to make spaces demeanour brighter than they’ll ever demeanour to a exposed eye.

What is your opinion per a argumentative genuine estate photo?

Ray White faces a $22,000 excellent from a NSW Office of Fair Trading if a print is found to be false, misleading, or false advertising.

(via around DIYP)

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