iOS: How to spin Live Photos into GIFs but Google

June 8, 2016 - photo frame

While we wait for Apple to bake GIF origination collection inside Photos, Google’s grabbing courtesy with a iOS 9 Motion Stills app, that turns Live Photos prisoner on an iPhone into GIFs or .MOV clips, yet there other ways we can make this happen.

Use a Mac

Sure, we know a destiny of computing is mobile and it might seem like profusion to use a Mac to do something so simple, yet we can simply spin a Live Photo into a GIF manually. You see, a Live Photo consists of dual elements: a 12MP JPEG still picture and a 3-second .MOV video record – we can’t see both files in Photos, yet they do exist. In sequence to build a GIF, you’ll initial need to mislay a .MOV record from a image.

There are dual ways to grasp this on a Mac:

  • With Photos: As explained here, name your picture while joyless a Option key, drag–drop that picture to your Desktop.  
  • With Image Capture: Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open Image Capture. In Image Capture corkscrew to a picture we wish to use, name a .MOV record of that picture and drag it to your desktop.

Now we can revise a .MOV to your compensation in iMovie, including adding suit and stabilization effects. The subsequent step is to open a edited .MOV record we emanate in a GIF-creation application, such as GifBrewery, or use Photoshop to do a same thing, or select and use an online GIF origination service, such as GifMaker.