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December 10, 2014 - photo frame

How mostly do we take a array of photos from your night out or record video clips from your favorite band’s unison that lay on your smartphone until we run out of information space? After transferring all of your information off of your phone, do we ever ensue to arrange by your cloud space to find that one photo? Chances are, once your photos are in a cloud they sojourn there inexperienced and forgotten.

A new growth in record wants to safeguard your unconstrained tide of photos are displayed and enjoyed in a home. SmartFrame acts as a applicable approach to knowledge your content, an intelligent digital design support that uses contextual metadata to curate photos we wish to see. The hardware consists of dual components: a earthy support links to an concomitant iOS or Android app that aggregates digital calm opposite mixed devices. The intelligent complement uses intelligent computing and cloud smoothness services to reimagine digital frames of a past.

Fireside SmartFrame

Fireside SmartFrame

From Palo Alto formed association Fireside, SmartFrame organizes a library of photos in a private, secure place in a cloud that users can hunt formed on situational context. The app lets we name photos and videos formed on time of year, continue and arise as a approach for everybody to concurrently suffer a slideshow and share stories. For example, users can name to tide photos of their son on his birthday or family reunion video clips when a in-laws come by for dinner. You can also name from calm formed on a temperature, streaming years of ski vacations on a cold day.

The digital storage is pushed onto a 15-inch, high-resolution SmartFrame around WiFi in a continual smoothness of applicable content. Location and date conceal a support to offer some-more context to a playlist of memories. The neat support is crafted regulating materials that mix into a home: glass, copper, chrome and melamine. A rotating mount allows a device to hang from a wall, or lay on a layer or table.

Fireside SmartFrame

The plan was desirous by a birth of Founder Andy Jagoe’s initial son. Like many new parents, he and his mother available thousands of family photos and videos though unsuccessful to suffer them during a after time. Jagoe combined Fireside as a approach to seamlessly confederate all of a photos taken on mixed inclination and share them with his family and visitors.

Currently on Kickstarter, Fireside needs to strech a $100,000 idea to move a hardware plan to life.



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