Instagram adds a new artistic approach to respond to a print or story

August 18, 2017 - photo frame

Instagram inception, here we come. If somebody sends we a print or video in a private review on Instagram, a app will now let we play around with a strange print so that we can respond in a artistic approach and keep a context of a conversation.

If we accept a print or video, there’s now a respond symbol in a review thread. If we daub on this button, a strange print is now incited into a plaque in a tip right corner. You can leave it there and respond with some context

But we can also pierce it around, lean it and pull around it. If you’re replying to a video, it looks like Instagram usually keeps a screenshot of a initial frame.

If we daub on it, a strange print fills a tip half of a screen. You can afterwards take a selfie for a bottom half of a photo. It reminds me of Frontback, a photo-sharing app that lets we take a print of what we have in front of you, and a print of your greeting with a selfie. Instagram works a same approach as it facilities both a context and your reaction.

The comparison stops there as we can still request filters, pull on your photo, supplement stickers, write content and use all those artistic collection together. Your greeting doesn’t have to be a print either. You can record a video, a boomerang, use a selfie filter and more.

More importantly, this new respond mode isn’t singular to approach messages. If you’re examination a story, we can possibly send a content respond by drumming on a content margin during a bottom of a screen, or we can send a photo/video respond by drumming on a camera idol during a bottom left of a screen. And that creates a lot of clarity as we wish to know a context when somebody is replying to partial of your story.

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