Inside a Unseen Photo Fair, Where Photography is ‘Under Construction’

September 15, 2014 - photo frame

The Unseen Photo Fair and Festival competence be a best kept tip in a art-fair circuit.

Not that Unseen is unknown, though a Amsterdam-based print satisfactory is for a third year phenomenon a cache of new work to a art universe that not usually promises to be surprising and enlightening, though backs adult a claims to foster groundbreaking new work by enlivening an open dialog around a purpose of photography, a expansion as a medium, and a place in a art market.

Launched by Foam, a Dutch photography museum and magazine, Unseen aims to tighten a opening between artists and audience, curator and collector, photography and contemporary art. “Unseen is about formulating this height for new photography and photography talent, though we also wish to rivet a extended public, not usually by looking during photography, though by giving people a assisting palm in unequivocally looking during photography in a opposite way,” pronounced Sasha Stone, Managing Director of Unseen.

In one of 3 vital exhibitions on display in Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (which will open during Unseen), ‘Under Construction,’ facilities work by artists that a Unseen consortium believes are violation down barriers and rebuilding an art form that has positively survived some-more unsure transitions and extreme upheavals than many mediums combined.

“Ten years ago, a review of analog contra digital was a technical question. For theses artists, this contention is gone. [It’s] no longer exciting, no longer a question. It’s distant some-more from a unpractical indicate of view,” pronounced Marcel Feil, Editor of Foam magazine and Deputy Director of Artistic Affairs for Foam Museum.

Unseen has embraced what is sees as a new era of artists, who are doubt a really inlet of photography itself, and see no reason because a sketch can’t be self-referential while sketch from exemplary Greek sculpture, 1980’s abstraction, opening art, and a internet, all within a same frame.

“They uncover an picture that is always constructed. These aren’t picture takers, they’re picture makers,” Feil said, “and we consider it relates, some-more or less, to a cracked reality. This is a era post-Cold War, post 9/11, post NSA and Edward Snowden. So a lot of things that were certainties are distant some-more formidable and layered, and we can see those layers, those complexities in a approach they build and emanate images.”

Add a art marketplace and a never finale ups and downs, as good as a detailed coherence on record and consumerism to those existent layers, and you’re diving conduct initial into some of a many difficult socio-political questions on a table. But during Unseen, those questions, acted by immature artists and ‘image makers,’ and discussed by curators, critics, and collectors, are building a bigger frame-of-reference for artists, and their audience, to knowledge art.

Unseen Photo Fair and Festival takes place in Amsterdam from Sept. 18 – Sept. 20

Krystal Grow is a writer to TIME LightBox. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @kgreyscale

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