Inkless Printer Within Photo Frame Keeps Images Flowing Forever

March 31, 2015 - photo frame

The Wundershine drum complement lets we magically barter your real-life framed prints

Among home decorating trends that have emerged given a arise of digital technology, few unequivocally acknowledge computers’ solid takeover. With inexpensive and abounding cloud storage on a rise, it turns out that carrying your photos in a earthy form is a luxury—of a kind we competence continue to arrangement in your home.

The Dutch-designed Wundershine System, with a Makerframe and Reframe variations, is an appealing multiple of these analog and digital technologies, permitting we to make peculiarity prints of your best photos during home though still stagger them frequently though bitch or damage.



The Wundershine’s Makerframe has an rare appearance—a 17 x 17 design support with premium-grade oak. But underneath are both an inkless, thermal, printer and a drum complement that allows we to frequently stagger your photos into place behind a matte. The standardised distance means that things will always align perfectly. The paper contains information that allows a printer to know either that partial of a hurl has been printed on or not, and that allows we to pierce behind to an comparison imitation during any time. In a future, you’ll also be means to trigger prints remotely, a accessible underline if we confirm to give a support as a gift.


If we get sleepy of your possess work, a app also offers an contentment of giveaway and paid calm to imitation and arrangement yourself. The photos that we mislay from a reserve can be safely stored in archival boxes—in Wundershine’s exclusive size, of course.

For a some-more budget-minded, a Reframe chronicle of a complement still offers a drum resource while charity a some-more required copy technique, though a built-in printer or networking. Your photos will still be thermally printed, though in a remote location. A queueing complement allows we to ask prints as shortly as we take a imitation (or someday later) and have them delivered within 2-5 operative days during a cost of €/$ 2.00 each.

The Makerframe has a same cost per print, with a container of 10 sheets costing €/$ 20.00.

The Makerframe will entrance in a tumble of this year; a Makerframe will seem early in 2016.



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