Incredible slow-motion photography reveals a hallucinatory beauty of sound in H2O — and whiskey

May 27, 2018 - photo frame

Copyright of Linden Gledhill

After a prolonged work day, many of us happily fall into a cot and binge-watch a favorite show.

But Linden Gledhill, a Philadelphia-based curative biochemist, retreats to his groundwork lab. There, he builds tradition rigging so that he can record a beautiful, complex, and infrequently really uncanny intersection of science, art, and nature.

For example, Gledhill hacked an aged tough drive into a camera shiver 10 times faster than anything in a store. He’s also fraudulent adult a appurtenance to create snowflakes on direct and patented a super-resolution photography rig.

Gledhill uploads his initial photos and video to Flickr, and art directors and producers take notice — not usually since he’s creative, though also since he’s good. He’s warranted commissions for TV commercials and music videos, and many recently, high-tech prints of his photos were donned by conform models.

For a past integrate of years, Gledhill has been personification with a little plate of potion that sits on a speaker. Called a cymascope, it’s designed to emanate and balance repeating patterns of waves, like those shaped in booze by rubbing a edge of a clear potion to make it quiver or “sing.” These cyclical ripples, also called cymatics, transport distant faster than tellurian eyes can see, so he uses ultra-high-frame-rate cameras delayed them down and record their secrets.

“It allows we to see a particular quivering states via a cycle. That’s flattering cool. Typically we don’t get to see that,” Gledhill told Business Insider. “Typically what we see is a bound settlement or a changing settlement formed on a frequencies we play by a liquid.”

Here’s a demeanour during some of Gledhill’s newest initial and hallucinatory imagery.

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