iHoment Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame Review

July 27, 2018 - photo frame

Chances are we substantially haven’t hear of Govee. Up until a month ago, I hadn’t either.  The association is a startup that specializes in “smart home product innovations.” That’s identical to a outline of hundreds of Chinese wiring storefronts on Amazon, yet Govee seems to be a step above a rest, with an eye to pattern and some honestly engaging looking products. Case in indicate is a iHoment Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame.

First Impressions

Unpacking a iHoment frame, it’s rather artless in appearance. A thin, matte white cosmetic support surrounds a 9.7-inch arrangement with black bezels. Those bezels are thickest during a tip (about 1-inch), where they disguise a video camera and light sensor. The support is about 1/4-inch thick during a sides, and only underneath 1-inch in a middle. On a tip is a earthy on/off button.

Around back, a thicker territory conceals a cocktail out kickstand, a slot for wall-mounting regulating a screw, and submit ports: power, Micro USB, USB-A and an SD label slot.

The shade aspect ratio is 4:3, fortitude is 1024 x 768 and a row is an IPS hold screen.

Overall, a iHoment support is appealing enough, yet not not quite reward looking, and a kickstand in sold (which is plastic) feels a small cheap. The frame automatically dims in low light, yet in dark it doesn’t tighten off –you’ll need to strike a on/off symbol if we don’t wish it regulating all night.


There are copiousness of opportunities to fine-tune regulating a responsive, touchscreen UI.Brad Moon

The support is Wi-Fi connected and lets we upload photos from a mobile app or your social media accounts. This connectivity means creating an comment yourself for a company’s web service. The routine is comparatively straightforward, nonetheless translations can infrequently be a small off. 

That being said, it’s during a setup theatre where a iHoment support started to make an impression. The hold shade is unequivocally manageable –much improved than I’m accustomed to with these devices. This done calm submit and navigating menus poignant and intuitive, with no loiter or missed input. The same binds loyal for appropriate gestures to fast examination photos. The IPS arrangement was also superb in terms of observation angles and a matte finish effectively separated reflections. 

Date, heat and steam optionally arrangement on reduce right corner.Brad Moon

There are copiousness of settings for fine-tuning a frame’s operation once we start drilling down into menus, nonetheless there are some peculiar choices in there. For example, we can have a support arrangement a temperature, steam and time in one corner, that is handy. Except a heat and steam readings are are formed on a sensor within a support –not from outdoors, as we competence expect. And if we wish heat shown, we have to take steam as well.

Additional Features

While exploring those menus, you’ll learn some additional facilities Govee combined to a iHoment Frame. Among those, support for voice commands, presumption you’re peaceful to start off a orders with “Robola.” The iHoment support also supports voice and video calls, imagining from a mobile app. This is engaging and works sincerely well, nonetheless we did notice a slight bit of loiter over Wi-Fi. It’s an easy to use choice to video job apps on a tablet, nonetheless a chairman job a support does need to be regulating a iHoment app to do so.

The iHoment Frame also employs AI that works to arrange photos into categories like “things” or “places” and tags them with pivotal difference like “happy.” This seemed flattering strike and miss. For example, it couldn’t seem to find any photos with dogs or animals on my frame, nonetheless substantially half of them were of a family pets.

Okay, a angle on this dog shot competence legitimately upset a AI.Brad Moon

There is a remoteness environment that lets we spin off a camera, yet if we unequivocally wish to make sure, we competence wish to cruise a square of black fasten (it will mix in with a bezel) given there’s no earthy symbol that cuts a access.

Getting Photos on a Frame

Loading photos (and video) on a iHoment Frame is another of a clever points. The association creates it easy. There is 8 GB of internal storage, supplemented by 12GB of cloud storage. You can use a app, e-mail, a ride expostulate or SD label to upload photos.

There are copiousness of ports for “sneaker-netting” photos, and online options.Brad Moon

As mentioned, once calm is onboard, there are copiousness of options for excellent tuning a display, including a time between photos, either to fit photos to a support and a picture brightness.

Speaking of a display, this unequivocally is a standout underline of a iHoment frame. Up close, a matte finish HD arrangement isn’t as frail as frames that underline Full HD (or higher) and high shimmer finish panels. But print frames are typically noticed from a distance, and from pointy angles. They are mostly in room with lights and windows that means reflections. The iHoment frame’s IPS arrangement looks pointy from a few feet away, it has good tone reproduction, glisten and reflections are minimized and it looks good even from impassioned observation angles.

The IPS arrangement with low thoughtfulness and good observation angles is a prominence of a iHoment frame.Brad Moon


iHoment Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame in action.Brad Moon

With an MSRP of $169.99, a iHoment occupies a center belligerent in a flourishing stand of connected print frames. It lacks a reward coming and high fortitude of some-more costly models. It offers facilities like voice control and video call support that entrance turn Wi-Fi frames don’t offer. we wouldn’t buy it for those extras, though. we suspect some people competence have a use for them, yet in my opinion what unequivocally creates a iHoment Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame value deliberation is a palliate of loading it with photos, and a high peculiarity images –even during impassioned angles– interjection to its IPS panel. 

Disclosure: Govee provided an iHoment frame for analysis yet had no submit into this review.

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